Independent Study

Remember when you were a child and some topics totally absorbed you, whether it was butterflies or baseball, dinosaurs or dreams, snowflakes or stars.

Roanoke's extensive Independent Study program enables students to pursue an intellectual passion on their own, under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

In addition to studying a topic of deep personal interest, you receive academic credit for a one-semester - or in some cases a two-semester - course.

Most importantly, you experience the joy of delving deeply into something that fuels your passion. And that feeling can lead to new passions and new discoveries throughout your lifetime.

Recent Independent Study Topics (a sample)
  • The Role of Retinoic Acid on Cell
  • Adhesion During Chick Skeletal Development
  • An Examination of U.S. Monetary Policy: 1978-1995
  • The Mechanics of Distance Running
  • Writings of Vladimir Nabokov
  • Contemporary Issues in Spanish America
  • The Roanoke College Oral History Project
  • Measurement of Love Maps
  • Lutheran Reflections on Theories of Punishment
  • Feminism and Social Theory:Convergence and Divergence

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