Roanoke College



When you think about research and independent inquiry opportunities at Roanoke College, think of yourself as an explorer. Because what you will do here is explore: from the deep mysteries of the genome to the marginalized heroines of Jane Austen; from unmarked graves in Salem to uncharted gun control laws in Richmond; from analyzing shoulder fatigue in young baseball pitchers to creating a virtual Web site for old Pompeii. Your options to explore, from your first year onward, will be limited only by your interests and imagination.


  • Opportunity to work one on one with a professor
  • Academic credit
  • Possible financial stipend
  • Skills development
  • Apply knowledge to real-world issues
  • Experience - Gain an edge in graduate schools admissions or for job placement

For more details, see Get Involved in Research or contact the Director of Student/Faculty Research at

RC is an institutional member of CUR