Faculty Research

The faculty at Roanoke College are active scholars and encourage undergraduate students to do research and creative work. Sometimes, students get involved as research assistants in a faculty member's research program. Other times, student-driven research projects are supported by the guidance of a faculty mentor. To facilitate the matching process between students interested in research and faculty mentors, we have listed faculty research interests on the following pages.

Humanities Faculty Research Interests

  • English: Literary Studies, Communication Studies, and Creative Writing
  • Fine Arts: Art, Art History, Music, Theatre
  • History
  • Modern Languages
  • Religion & Philosophy

Social Science Faculty Research Interests

  • Business Administration & Economics
  • Education
  • Health & Human Performance: Athletic Training, Health and Exercise Science, Health and Physical Education, & Sport Management
  • Psychology
  • Public Affairs: Criminal Justice, International Relations, & Political Science
  • Sociology

Science Faculty Research Interests

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Studies
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics

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