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Faculty Scholar


Faculty Scholar

The Roanoke College Faculty Scholar Program is one of the most prestigious internal research grants the college awards.  The purpose is to enable faculty members to develop or maintain a program of scholarly activity. Faculty receive a small stipend and a one course load reduction each year for three years. Only three or four faculty members are chosen as Faculty Scholars each year.

Faculty Scholars - 2011-2014

Dr. Tim Johann, Chemistry
Characterization of Proteases from a Malaria Pathogen

Dr. Mary Henold, History
A Period of Adjustment: Laywomen's Responses to the Vatican II Transition

Dr. Denise Adkins, Psychology
Examining Higher-Order Cognition in Multiple Domains

Dr. Pamela Galluch, Business Administration & Economics
Triangulating Stress: The Role of Social Desirability in Technostress Research

Faculty Scholars - 2010-2013

Dr. Matt Rearick, Health & Human Performance
Research i Movement Science: Development, Implementation, and Dissemination of Findings from Student-Led Research Projects

Dr. Stella Xu, History
Imagining Korea through the Lens of Chinese Historical Records

Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris, English
Gender, Devotion, and Patronage in the Cult of St. Margaret of Antioch

Dr. Sebastian Berger, Economics
Reconstructing Economic Discourse and Inquiry by Revitalizing the Legacy of K. William Kapp

Faculty Scholars - 2009-2012

Dr. Richard Grant, Physics
Changing the Way We Teach Physics: A New Calculus-Based Physics Textbook

Dr. Monica Vilhauer, Philosophy
Interpretation and the Other: The Ethical Dimensions of Hans-Georg Gadamer's Hermeneutics

Dr. Rama Balasubramanian, Physics
From Nano-catalysts to Nano-wires: Nanotechnology Research in Roanoke College

Dr. Jacob Lauinger, History
The Dynamics of Empire in the Ancient Middle East, c. 1800-1600 BC

Faculty Scholars - 2008-2011

Dr. Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes, History
Magda Portal: Poetry, Politics and Gender in Early Twentieth Century Peru

Dr. Joshua Rubongoya, Public Affairs
Aid, Security and Benevolent Dictatorship: Uganda's Place in the Post 9/11 Security Structure

Dr. Edward Nik-Khah, Economics
The Three Pillars of the Chicago School: Viewing Academic Neoliberalism through the Lens of the Economics of Science

Dr. Stephen Hughes, Computer Science
Interaction with Large, Multi-Screen Visual Information Displays

Faculty Scholars - 2007-2010

Dr. Melanie Almeder, English
Book of Hours and Peace Work: A Series of Interviews
Dr. Anil Shende, Computer Science
Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks and Lattice Computers, Mobile Agents and Maximal Snakes in Hypercubes

Dr. Jane Long, Art History
Parallelism in Trecento Fresco Cycles

Dr. Brent Adkins, Philosophy
True Freedom: Spinoza's Practical Philosophy

Faculty Scholars - 2006-2009

Dr. Dana-Linn Whiteside, English
Anglo-German Literary Relations

Dr. Adele Addington, Chemistry
Inhibition of non-caspase proteinase by common caspase-inhibitors: infidelity of specificity

Dr. Marilee Ramesh, Biology
Exploring Meiosis through Genomic Approaches

Faculty Scholars - 2005-2008

Dr. Gerald McDermott, Religion
What Is God Doing in Other Religions?

Dr. Qiam Ma, English
Twenty-two Years as a Rightist; The Courtesan's World; Confucianism and the Liberal Arts Education

Dr. Richard Grant, Physics
Faculty Scholar Award (2005 - 2008)

Dr. Harry Wilson, Public Affairs
Guns, Gun Policy, and Elections

Dr. Michael Heller, English
"A New Quaker Journal": Nonfiction and Poetry

Dr. Gary Gibbs, History
Society and Culture in Tudor England