Roanoke College

Get Involved in Research


Ways for Students to Get Involved in Research


Talk to a favorite professor about his or her research interests. If it sounds intriguing, ask to volunteer as a research assistant as a way of getting your feet wet.

Receive Course Credit

Many departments give course credit for doing research. For example, the Psychology Department has several levels of research involvement, including PSYC 305/306 (Research Experience), PSYC 318/319 (Research Practicum), PSYC 405/406/407 (Independent Study), and PSYC 495/496/497 (Honors Research).

Independent Study Project

Most departments support students to conduct Independent Study research studies, under the direction of a faculty member. Speak to a favorite professor about the opportunity to receive course credit for your project.

Intensive Learning Research Project

For students who would prefer to do a substantial research project outside of class though in close collaboration with a supervising faculty mentor, you can apply to get IL credit for your project. See the IL guidelines for more details, including deadlines.

Honors in the Major Research Project

Most departments support their top students to conduct Honors in the Major research projects, which result in an Honors designation at graduation and on your transcript. You do not have to be in the Honors Program to do an Honors project. See your department for more details on the GPA requirements and application procedures.

Get Paid to do Summer Research

Summer Scholars is a program for students to conduct research over the summer. Some of the benefits include free housing and a $2500 stipend. See the Summer Scholars page for more details. Chemistry students may be eligible for summer funding via the Bondurant Fund. Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics students may be eligible for summer funding via the William Carroll fund.

Get Paid as a Work-Study Research Assistant


Students eligible for work-study funding are invited to apply for research assistantships with faculty from across campus. See Maroon Net. Students can work up to 5 hours per week with a faculty member. Pay is $8/hour. This is a pilot program that will be continued if successful.