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Summer Scholars Projects


2013 Summer Scholars Projects

For full descriptions of this year's projects, click on the 2013 link.

Kaitlyn Amanda Bell, working with Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva on "Code Switching: The Impact of Vocabulary Acquisition in the Bilingual Text and Development of Spanish in Young Learners"

Alexandra G. DeLaricheliere, working with Dr. Chad Morris on "Assessing the Influence of School Nutrition Policies and Programs on Academic and Nutritional Behavior in the Republic of Palau"

Katherine B. Frisch, working with Dr. Jesse Bucher on "A New South African History: Constitutional Revolution from 1910-1994"

Samantha A. Garst, working with Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef on "The war is over, but will they come? A panel study of FDI in countries recovering from civil conflict"

Jessica A. Gladfelter, working with Dr. Denise Friedman on "Because It Makes Me Feel Good: Examining the Role of Oxytocin in the Failure to Address Techno-Interruptions"

Katrina A. King, working with Dr. Jane Long on "The Influenced: An Analysis of the Interests of Artists and Influences of Patrons on Paintings of the Annunciation in the Italian Renaissance"

Rose M. Kohinke, working with Dr. Skip Brenzovich on "Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of New Chemical Reactions"

Emily K. Leimbach, working with Dr. Gordon Marsh on "Teaching Others about the Union of Poetry and Music in Art Song: Combining Analysis and Interpretation in Interactive Performances"

Jonathan Marino, working with Dr. Karin Saoub on "Graph Theoretical Analysis of Directed Social Networks"

Andrew B. Miles, working with Dr. Ned Wisnefske on "Can the Prisoner's Dilemma Solve the Problem of Enforcement in Social Contract Theory?"

Caroline I. Mueller, working with Dr. Elizabeth Holbrook on "Efficacy of a Cross-Country Running Program for Youth with Sensory Impairment"

Michelle L. Pasier, working with Dr. Cathy Sarisky on "Characterization of potential IMPDHs in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"

Lauren E. Strong, working with Dr. Rachel Collins on "How Human Activities along the Roanoke River Effect Bird Populations"

Emma V. Webb, working with Dr. Alice Kassens on "Undergraduate Wellness Index: Construction and Implementation"