Past Summer Scholars

1994 Summer Scholars Projects

Jeff Busche, K. Adkisson (Biol)
Hybridization and Introgression in Two Species of Minnow: Exoglossum laurae and IL maxiliineua.

Terri Cobb, M. Miller (Hist)
Law and Order in Roanoke County in the Late Nineteenth Century

Jennifer DeFord, A. Windholz (Engl)
"The old order changeth, yielding place to new": Arthurian Legend and Victorian Nationalism

Mark Kellogg, J. Brust (Art)
A Visual Interpretation of the I Ching

J. J. Maybury, Ingrain & Bloss (CpSc)
Neural Networks (Computer Programs with Intelligence?)

Jennifer Mullin, B. Huddle (Chem)
Using HyperChem to Calculate Thermodynamic and Kinetic Parameters

Michelle Poret, C. Camac (Psych)
Analysis and Refinement of a Scale Measuring Individual Perceptions

Nick Regiacorte, C. Murphy (Engl)
Defining Poetics and Directing my Craft

Lori Schwehr, F. Munley (Phys)
Specific Heats of Elements in the Liquid State

Lynn Schwehr, L. Lynch (BuAd)
Bankruptcy Prediction

Tina Trenor, G. Grubitz (Biol)
Responses of Carolina Wrens to Song Imitations by Northern Mockingbirds

Larry Vernon, B. Hill (PoliSci)
The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act: A Study of Interest Groups and Public Policy

Stephanie Wright, B. Stauffer (BuAd)
Prospectives and Interpretations of Federal Reserve Monetary Policy by Business Journalists and the Financial Press


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