Past Summer Scholars

1995 Summer Scholars Projects

Aaron Aude, D. Jorgensen (Biol)
Cardiac Output During Times of Pedal Locomotion in the American Lobster

Diane Eaine Balderston, L. Warren (TArt)
The Actor's Instrument: A Study of Movement and Mask Theory for Actor Training

Sharon Cox Brockman, M. Hakkenberg (Hist)
Negotiating Power: Female Rulers in Early Modern Europe

Rebecca Childers, J. Ogier (For. Lang.)
A Comparative Linguistic and Cultural Approach to Studying the Indo-European System of Deities

Marcelte Crickenberger, M. Heller (Engl)
Bodies and Souls in Transition: Writing Short Fiction

Michael Fadorick, G. Weiss (Soci)
A Comparison of the Health Belief Model and the Fishbein/Azjen Theory of Reasoned Action

Susan Foster, M. & C. Camac (Psych)
Testing the Validity of Expressive Therapy

Cathleen Erin Gallagher, C. Kalinoski (For. Lang.)
The Spanish Golden Age: A Resource Manual

Diana Gilbert, J. Buriak (Phys. Ed.)
Post-operative Comparative Study of Autografts versus Allografts

Leslie Jane Johnson, B. Au (Engl)
Words to Live By: Research and Field Work in Appalachian Culture

Christina Peyton, V. Miller (Chem)
Investigations of Intermediate Compounds in Reactions of Boric Acids with Alcohols

John Edwin Smith, Jr., V. Stewart (Engl)
Canonization in the Twentieth Century: Literature Written by American Minorities

Karen R. St. Clair, R. Carpenter (Psych)
Detecting Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Teacher Ratings and Expectations


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