Past Summer Scholars

1996 Summer Scholars Projects

Elizabeth Bennett "Celtic Influences on-King Arthur"
Advisor: Dr. Jim Ogier

Tania L. Conner "Song Recognition by the Northern Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottis"
Advisor: Dr. Gene Grubitz

Paul Matthew Droubay "American Social Insurance: Exploring Solutions to the Social Security Dilemma"
Advisor: Dr. Darryl Lowry

Michael Edwards: "Pressure Fluctuations, Viscosity, and Brownian Motion"
Advisor: Dr. Frank Munley

Marcie Flinchum: "Individual Learning Styles"
Advisor: Dr. Ronda Carpenter

Rebekeh Genslen "The Transcription of Andrea Gabrieli's Cantiones Sacrae into Modern Notation"
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Sandborg

Ben Goodman-Dalton: "A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis of the Secularization Thesis"
Advisor: Dr. Gil Dunn

Maura P. Hanlom "The Effect of Behavioral Science Courses on Physicians' Levels of Empathy and Its Impact on the Doctor-Patient Relationship"
Advisor: Dr. Curt Camac

David Scott Hudson: "The Theological Significance of the Historical Jesus Quest"
Advisors: Dr. Iain Maclean and Dr. Ned Wlsnefske

Laura Jacobsen: "Exploring Fuzzy Regression Analysis"
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Spielman

Travis McGuire: "Internal/External-Processes and Relationships"
Advisor: Prof. Scott Hardwig

Christine Tobin: "A Private Evolution: The Poetry of Change"
Advisor: Dr. Mike Heller

Sara Turnauer "The Effect of Putative Morphogenic Compounds on Adhesion of Chick Embryo Cells"
Advisor: Dr. David Gardner


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