Past Summer Scholars

1997 Summer Scholars Projects

Sena Bender, Music (Weinstein)
"Varying Methods of Music Education"

Amy R. Dresher, Psychology (Carpenter)
"Residential Group Homes for Children and Adolescents: A Descriptive Study"

Daniel J. Gardner, Economics (Lowry)
"An Economic Model: Taking an Unbiased Look at Current Medicare Proposals and Their Effects"

James P. Guthrie, History (Millinger)
"The Influence of Buddhism on Japanese Government and Imperial Court Life"

Rick Pingry, Computer Science (Shende)
"Algorithms and Data Types for Computer-Generated 3D Animation"

Chris Porter, English (Hanstedt)
"Voices of Uncertainty: A Study in Writing Fiction"

John Paul Roop, Math (Ingram)
"Cryptography as an Application of Number Theory"

Jacqueline Spangler, Foreign Languages (Ruiz)
"A Study of the Early Stages of Second-Language Acquisition"

Derek Wolfe, Chemistry (Hollis)
"Reactions of Trialkylboranes with Nitrile Oxides: A Novel Ketone Synthesis"

Jesse P. Wolf, Fine Arts (Heil)
"Exploration in Digital Art"

Patrick Wood, Religion/Philosophy (McDermott)
"Satan as the Embodiment of Evil in the Thought of John Calvin & Jonathan Edwards"

Sarah Wood, English (Au)
"Changes: A Slumber-Party Anthology for Girls"

Susan L. Wallace, Sociology/Education (Weisee & Murrill)
"What Went Right? Female Physicians' Perspectives on Gender Bias in Education"


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