Past Summer Scholars

1998 Summer Scholars Projects

Rebecca D. Dillon, Fine Arts, Prof. Eliz Heil
"Exploring Social Issues: A Photographic Documentation"

Brenda J. Drinkwine, Chemistry, Dr. Gary Hollis
"The Intramolecular Arene-Olefin Photocycloaddition of Boron-Substituted Alkenes: Synthesis and Characterization of Requisite Starting Compounds"

Sarah J. Elvey, Sociology, Dr. Marvin Pippert
"Sexual Assault on Campus: Implications and Recommendations for Colleges and Universities"

Heidi M. Hanrahan, English, Dr. Paul Hanstedt
"That Inferior Men May Learn to Feel On: Reason and Emotion in the Works of Dickens and Barrett Browning"

Shana H. Harris, English, Dr. Anita Turpin
"Seeking a Well-Rounded Education: A Study of Racial Diversity in Virginia's Private Colleges"

Sean P. Hatter, Fine Arts, Prof. Scott Hardwig
"Study in Three-Dimensional Portraiture"

Joe G. Kirby IV, Business, Dr. Lissa Gilster
"Learning to Consume: The Experiences of Local Immigrants"

Jeremy Mullendore, Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende
"Practical Considerations on the k-Server Problem"

Tovah J. Nunez, Theatre, Dr. Carol Schafer
"Shakespeare at the Millenium"

Amber L Proffitt, History, Dr. Mark Miller
"'In the 1930's I got married and had three children and moved twice; that was a busy time for me:' Salem Women and the Great Depression"

Robin M. Pugh, Philosophy, Dr. Hans Zorn
"An Analysis of the Philosophical Foundations for Human Rights"

Melissa M. Schaekel, Biology, Dr. David Gardner
"An Examination of the Adhesive Responses of Chick Embryonic Cells to Retinoic Acid and the role of Adhesion in Embryonic Development"

Patrick P. Slaven, Religion, Dr. Jennifer Maclean
"John and the Sacraments"

Crystal L. Stephan, Psychology, Dr. Curt Camac
"Social Dilemmas: Can Persuasion Techniques Increase Cooperation?"


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