Past Summer Scholars

1999 Student Summer Scholar Projects

Melanie Allred  - History and Sociology [Archeology] (Dr. Whitney Leeson)
Title: Historic Archaeology in Southwestern Virginia

Jonathan Cox -- English (Dr. Bobbye Au)
Title: Reconciliation of Time: A Spiritualization of the American Dream in the Works of William Faulkner

Darren Griffis - English (Dr. Virginia Stewart)
Title: Tradition, Mythology, and Cultural Identity in Leslie Marmon Silko

David Hansen - Religion and Philosophy (Dr. Gerald McDermott)
Title: Early Church Theologians and The Salvation of Non-Christians

Rebecca Hanson - Religion and Philosophy (Dr. Ned Wisnefske)
Title: The Tanzanian Christian: Christian Doctrinal Issues and Traditional African Belief

Timothy Leitzke - History (Dr. Susan Millinger)
Title: Looking at Life in Medieval Russia

Erin Mulcahy - Biology (Dr. David Gardner)
Title: Experimental Analysis of N-Cadherin in the Metastasis of Chondrosarcomas

Cheree Perdue - Education/Physical Education [Phys. Ed.] (Mr. Jim Buriak)
Title: Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises in Rehabilitation Protocols

Yulia Romaniuk - MCSP [Mathematics] (Dr. Chris Lee)
Title: The Golden Ratio: Mathematics in the Visual Arts and Architecture, And Our Perceptions of Beauty

Jennifer Runyon - Chemistry (Dr. Jack Steehler)
Title: Trace Metals in the Roanoke River Watershed

Karl Scheidt - MCSP [Computer Science] (Dr. Anil Shende)
Title: Patterns of Snakes in Even-dimensional Hypercubes

Carolyn White -- English and History (Drs. K. Hoffman & Gibbs)
Title: Gender and the Development of Thomas More's Catholic Theology

Molly Zigler - Chemistry (Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
Title: Computer Modeling of Martian Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

VFIC Jessie DuPont Summer Scholars

Paris Butler - Biology (Dr. Len Pysh)
Title: Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Cell Shape Mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana

Joel Gill -- Fine Arts (Dr. John Brust)
Title: The "70's Figures as Painted Icons


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