Past Summer Scholars

2001 Student Summer Scholar Projects

Lyndsey Baker (Fine Arts, Dr. Gordon Marsh)
Song Cycle as Genre in the 21st Century: Towards an Aesthetic Statement

Nina Barzachka (International Relations, Dr. Howard Warshawsky)
Human Rights Record as a Criterion for Membership in the European Union

Elizabeth Brown (Psychology, Dr. Mary Camac)
Shyness: Measures, Causes and Correlates of Social Anxiety Disorder

Meg Collins (International Relations, Dr. Susan Millinger)
The Importance of Face in Chinese Politics

Christy Fagg (Biology, Dr. Len Pysh)
The Determination of Cell Shape in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Julia Freeman (Fine Arts, Professor Scott Hardwig)
Woven String Environments

Jodi Godbout (Health and Human Performance, Professor James Buriak)
Jump Now, Play Later: Plyometric Training to Improve the Biomechanics of Jumping and Landing

Molly Golladay (Physics, Dr. Nasser Barghouty)
Hamiltonian Chaos in the Egg Crate Potential

Goo-Syl Han (Biology, Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay)
The Flora and Community Ecology of Two Jurassic Lithographic Limestone Formations in North America

Vanessa Raby (History, Dr. Whitney Leeson)
Archaelogical Field Work at Jefferson's Poplar Forest

Ericka Umbarger (Sociology, Dr. Kristi Hoffman)
Attitudes Towards Women's Roles during War: Qualitative Analysis of World War II and the Persian Gulf War

Amber Wood (Political Science, Dr. C. William Hill)
Fulfillment of Campaign Promises and Trust in Government


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