Past Summer Scholars

2002 Student Summer Scholar Projects

Daisy Ball (Sociology, Dr. Christy Hoffman)
Welfare Reform and Policy: a Qualitative Analysis

James Bennett (Philosophy, Dr. Jennifer Maclean)
Copyright and Common Good: the Philosophy of Intellectual Property in the New Millenium

Chris Brothers (Computer Science, Dr. Adrienne Bloss)
UPortal: A 'Pocket-Sized' Version of the Campus Web

Chris Berndsen and Michael Cinkala (Biology, Dr. David Gardner)
Cellular Adhesion

Ashley Clemmer (Fine Arts, Dr. Scott Hardwig)
[Untitled : About Faces in Sculpture vs. Faces in Abstract Oil Paintings]

Hanan Danche (Physics, Dr. Nasser Barghouty)
Islamic Works in the Sciences and Mathematics

Kachina Domenick (English, Dr. Melanie Almeder)
Clarifying Identity through Landscape within Contemporary American Fiction

Ben Hosp (Mathematics, Dr. Roland Minton)
A Computer Simulation Study of Strategies in the Prisoner's Dilemma Game

Houston Johnson (Religion and Philosophy, Dr. Ned Wisnefsky)
Hiroshima: the Ethics of a Nuclear Event

Anna Minor (Religion, Dr. Paul Hinlicky)
The Primacy of the Gospel in the Early Catholic Church

Kelsey Quillen (English, Dr. Thomas Carter)
The Role of a Free Press in a Democracy during Wartime

Jessica Sower (Fine Arts, Dr. Jane Long)
Caillebotte and Degas: Odd Men Out in Impressionism

Allyson Wahlgren (Psychology, Dr. Gildino Pranzarone)
Psychoneuroimmunology: a Literature Review of the Effects of Stress on the Immune System

Jonathan Winesett (Biology, Dr. Robert Jenkins)
Trophic Aspects of the Sicklefin Redhorse Sucker (Pisces, Catostomidae)

Michael Wolter (Chemistry, Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
DNA Extraction and Analysis from Buccal (Cheek) Cells


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