Past Summer Scholars

2004 Student Summer Scholar Projects

Amanda Bostick (Chemistry, Dr. Vernon Miller)
A Study of Boric Acid Esters Using NMR Spectroscopy and CAChe Molecular Modeling

Mike Cashin (Chemistry, Dr. Adele Addington)
Comparative Molecular Modeling: Comparing Binding Characteristics of Fluoromethyl Ketone and Diazomethyl Ketone Inhibitors in Caspase-3 Versus Cathespin B

Adam Hankins (Religion and Philosophy, Dr. Hans Zorn)
Complexity, Simplicity, Goodness and Knowledge in Ontological Equivocity

Angela Hinlicky (Biology, Dr. J. Brooks Crozier)
Suitability of Using Type 1 Fimbrial Gene Differences in Escherichia Coli as a Bacterial Source Tracking Method

Hanna Hughes (Sociology, Dr. Greg Weiss)
Exploring the Healthcare System of the U.S.: with an Emphasis on Alternative Medicine

Maria Kulp (Religion and Philosophy, Dr. Brent Adkins)
Tomas, Tereza, and the Body-subject: Resolving Bodily Tension in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"

Jessica McCluney (Biology, Dr. Melissa Booth)
NasA Gene Expression in Marine Hetertrophic Bacteria: Molecular Techniques to an Ecological Approach

Jessica Montfort (English, Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris)
Gender vs. Genre: a Study of Medieval Spirituality In and Out of Its Social Context

Audra Quesenberry (History, Dr. Suzanne Schadl)
"Elections are not, in the current conditions, the road to democratic change": Zapatista Criticism of the Mexican Electoral Process and the National Democratic Convention

Ashley Rowe (Computer Science, Dr. Chris Lee)
Linear Programming and the Transportation Problem: Theory and Applications

William Scott (Mathematics, computer science and physics, Dr. Anil Shende)
Empirical Work on Optimal Channel Assignments for Cellular and Square Wireless Networks

Jessica Simmers (Biology, Dr. Leonard Pysh)
Cell Shape Determination: Location, Expression, and Function of SABRE in Arabidopsis Thaliana

Bridget Tainer (International Relations, Dr. Joshua Rubongoya)
The Implementation of Human Rights Policies in Ghana


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