Past Summer Scholars

2005 Student Summer Scholar Projects

Nida Ansari
Revising and Expanding the Merton Thesis: Radical Monotheism and the Rise of Science

Jake Bennett (Mathematics, Dr. Roland Minton)
The Mathematics of a Tennis Serve

Kimberly Berndsen ( Chemistry, Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
Analysis of a Helicase- Dependent Isotherman DNA Replication Process for Use with the THO1 Short Tandem Repeat

Matt Bryant
Hydrostatic Pressure Distribution in the Gill Chamber of the Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus

Laura Cassels (Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, Dr. Richard Grant)
Identification of Nanophase Akaganeite in Corrosion Products

Mathew Cleveland
Maxiaml Snakes in d-Dimensional Hypercubes

Aaron Cook (Public Affairs, Dr. Harry Wilson)
Is the Media Biased? A Study of Gun Control Coverage in the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" in 2002-2004

Garrett Cosenza (Biology, Dr. Leonard Pysh)
Root-specific Ethylene Mutations in Arabidopsis Thanliana and the Determination of Cell Shape

Tony Georgetti (Psychology, Dr. Mary Camac)
In all Fairness: A Psychological Overview of Justice and Fairness

Linda Ann Harris
Squeezing Words from Life: a Study of Family Literature

Tomasz Jemczura
The Essence and Reality of the Sarbanes- Oxley Act

William Lancaster
Diel Variations in Mason Creek, Roanoke County, VA

Ben Lawler
Diels-Alder Chemistry of a Highly Fluorinated Cyclopentadienone Derivative

Samantha Martin (Psychology, Dr. Christopher Buchholz)
Using Physiological Arousal and Sensation Seeking to Examine the Relationship Between Music and Personality [Researched and Designed, Survey to be Given in Late 2005?]

Mathew Miller (Physics, Dr. Richard Grant)
Project Nanophase Hematite

Stephen Quinn (Biology, Dr. J. Brooks Crozier)
Evaluation of a Molecular Microbrial Source Tracking Method for the Detection of Salmonella in Surface Water

Marina Salama (Biology)
Microbial Source Tracking of Escherichia Coli by TGCE Analysis

Christopher Smith (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
The Channel Assignment Problem in 3-Dimensions

Bridget Tainer (International Relations, Dr. Joshua Rubongoya)
An Examination of Human Rights and Human Dignity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Beth Tucker & Alissa Gadpaille (Chemistry, Dr. Jack Steehler)
Developing Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrumentation to Monitor Substrate Deposition

Mason Vines (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
Upper Bound on Delta 1 for Optimal Channel Assignments of the Cellular Grid

Jason Wolfe
Equilibrium Constant of Bromothymol Blue

Jessica Young (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
Using PHP and MySQL to Create a Dynamic Portal


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