Past Summer Scholars

2007 Summer Scholars Projects

Kelly Bowen, Chemistry: "The Study of the Third and Fourth Strands of the G-Beta 1 Protein and their Contribution to the Overall Structure of the Protein," with Dr. Catherine Sarinsky

Casey Nicole Gearheart, Mathematics: "Success in Introductory Mathematics and Statistics: A prediction based on multivariate and logistic regression," with Dr. Patches Johnson

Peggy Harnos, Chemistry: "Participation of Acetone-d6 in the Borane Exchange Reaction Involving Dimethylpiperazine," with Dr. Vernon Miller

Maura MacDonald, English: "Modern Expressions of Traditional Fairytales," with Dr. Dana-Linn Whiteside

Christina Perry, Political Science: "The Onus of the Black Republican: Racial Identity, Party Allegiance, and Crossover Voting," with Dr. Heath Brown

Andrew Placona, History: "Travels Through Time: Shifting Western Perceptions of the Middle East," with Dr. Rob Willingham

Crista Brooks Reed, English: "Food and Literature or Reads Delicious," with Dr. Mike Heller

Amanda Smolinsky, Biology: "Effects of Androgens and Anti-androgens on Hormone Pathways in Zebrafish," with Dr. Christopher Lassiter

Jeremy Stegall, Chemistry: "Synthesis, Purification, and Identification of a Highly Fluorinated Dendrimer," with Dr. Gary Hollis

Alexander Stone Moore, Physics: "Construction of a Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectrometer; and, the Application of Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Marine Corrosion Processes," with Dr. Richard Grant

Heather Renee Studebaker, Biology: "Genetic Analysis of Cellulose Synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana," with Dr. Len Pysh 


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