Past Summer Scholars

2009 Summer Scholars Recipients

Michelle Bonney, The Collapse of Ethnic Cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Religious and Non-Religious Factors, with Dr. Gil Dunn

Matthew Browning, Exploring the Effectiveness of No Child Left Behind in Secondary Public Schools in Southwest Virginia, with Dr. Heath Brown

Ariel Firebaugh, Response to Pieris Herbivory Across a Nitrogen Gradient in an invasive Biennial Forest Herb Alliaria petiolata, with Dr. Rachel Collins

Brittany Harrison, The Old-Time Music Revival: A Musical and Cultural Observation of the Mountain Music Culture of Southwestern Virginia, with Dr. Gordon Marsh

Laura Jennings, Identity Politics and Maternity Leave, with Dr. Monica Vilhauer

Robbie Karim, Boron Compounds from Bis(2-Pyridyl)methane Synthesis of Neutral Boron Compounds from Boron Cations, with Dr. Vern Miller

Katherine Kurtessis, The Social and Political Evolution of Latin American Women Since Magda Portal: A Case Study of Violeta Chamorro and Carolina Maria de Jesus, with Dr. Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes

Michael McCloskey, The Turning Point: Russian Victory and the German Defeat at Stalingrad, with Dr. Rob Willingham

Matthew Potts, Compact Galaxy Groups and a Study of their Origin and Environment, with Dr. Matt Fleenor

Lauren Price, References and Re-constructions of History and Myth: Identity Construction and Group Mobilization Processes in the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement, with Dr. Daniel Sarabia

Carrie Rice, Conversion from U.S. GAAP to IFRS: How Will You Make the Change?, with Professor Norma Clifton

Amos Shenk, Kinematics, Physiological Load, and Perceived Effort While Walking With and Without Hiking Poles, with Dr. Matthew Rearick

Hannah Updike, An Adapted Screenplay of Dispatches by Michael Herr, with Dr. Robert Schultz

Lindsay Van Leir, Investigating Self-Awareness and Identity using Greek Tragedy, with Dr.  Jennifer Berenson

Paul Vines, Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Using Maghemite Nanocrystals as Catalysts, with Dr. Rama Balasubramanian

Sydney Webb, Developing RNA Silencing Experiments in Coprinus cinereus, with Dr. Marilee Ramesh



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