Past Summer Scholars

2010 Summer Scholars Recipients

Sarah Ahlbrand - Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of Etheostoma cinereum (Percidae) with emphasis on a newly rediscovered population in the Elk River, Tennessee, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Powers, Biology


Geoffrey Bader - Evolution of Uptake and Efflux of Auxin in Land Plant Gametophytes, Faculty Mentor: Dr. DB Poli, Biology 

Timothy Balint - A Gesture Recognition Algorithm using OpenCV and Pybrain, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Durell Bouchard, Computer Science 

Lydia Bickford - Analysis of the active site of 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase from Mycoplasma pneumoniae via mutations of polar, charged residues aspartate and lysine, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Johann, Chemistry

Nathan Castellano - Finding What We Want to be When We Grow Up: An Analysis of Career Change in Graduate School, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Lyon, Business Administration & Economics

Sarah Cohen - 17-β Estradiol Causes Defects in the Craniofacial Cartilage of Danio Rerio, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Lassiter, Biology

Lucy Crook - Beauty and the Beast: Origins, Evolutions, and Modernizations of an Age-old Narrative, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deb Selby, English

Ashley Dabbraccio - From Miners to Boy Scouts: A History of the Land that became Camp Powhatan, 1800-Present, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Whitney Leeson, History

Kelsey Daniel - The Study and Modern Interpretation of Majolica Pottery, Faculty Mentor: Mr. Scott Hardwig, Fine Arts

Molly Howser - "What Sways the Family Shopper:" Advertising and the Female Consumer 1955-1965 & 1965-1975, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Henold, History

Jessica Owens - Failure to Uphold Workers' Human Rights in Mexico: Lessons Learned from the NAFTA for the CAFTA-DR, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joshua Rubongoya, Public Affairs

Kaitlin Scott - Duration of Detection of Human Bacteroidetes Compared to Culturable Enterococcus in Water and Sediment, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brooks Crozier, Biology

Cody Sexton - Plato on Happiness, Freedom, and Individuality: A Corrective to Modern Views, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Monica Vilhauer, Philosophy

Kevin Smee - Expression, extraction and purification of hyperthermophilic archaeal purP proteins from Escherichia coli cell cultures, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cathy Sarisky, Chemistry

Matt Tripp - Social Interactions in a Computer-Driven World: An Examination of Facebook Friendships, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Greene, Psychology

Anne Whitesell - The Influence of Interest Groups on Federal Education Policy, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Heath Brown, Public Affairs



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