Roanoke College

Megan Poore


Megan Poore works with Dr. Curt Camac of the Psychology Department studying social value orientations. They use tests and games to try to measure the level of a person's cooperativeness in social situations, and to uncover the underlying social values that guide a person's actions.

Megan is from Pulaski, Virginia. She is a psychology major with a sociology minor. She started her work with Dr. Camac in her first year at Roanoke College through the URAP program. In that first year, she laid the groundwork for experiments to be done in her second year. She says, "A computer task was designed using the program SuperLab to determine Social Value Orientations (SVOs) based on decomposed matrix games and the effects of counterfactual thinking. Also, as a Summer Scholar I did an extensive literature review on SVOs and the Implicit Association Test (IAT). Based on this research I designed my own IAT to assess SVOs and corresponding attitudes. Both of these experiments will be conducted this semester to obtain a statistically significant number of subjects so that a paper may be composed, presented at research conferences and potentially published in a scientific journal."

This is not your standard Psych 101 work! Megan says that her research has actually helped her in her regular course work. "Participation in this project has significantly increased my sense of involvement with Roanoke College. I have become better acquainted with not only my advisor Dr. Camac, but other members of the faculty as well as my fellow URAP students." Dr. Camac also benefits from the URAP program. He says of Megan, "Working with Megan has been a truly rewarding experience. She is very smart and hard working as well as a great person. She takes on and successfully completes tasks that would challenge our upper level majors. I am glad to be her mentor and academic advisor."

Megan has the following advice for high school students thinking about attending Roanoke College. "I would encourage any and every high school student who has the opportunity to participate in URAP and attend Roanoke College to do so. Taking part in this program has been a truly rewarding and beneficial experience. Through URAP you will not only develop relationships with friends and faculty, but get hands on research experience graduate schools and future employers love!"