Kathleen Ouyang '13 shares her experiences living in China for a year and researching heritage tourism as a Fulbright scholar. Interview by Hannah Cline '15. Video editing by Glenn Rhodes '15.

  • DREAM of living and studying or teaching in a different culture
  • DESIRE to engage in significant research in a field either in the US or abroad
  • DISCOVER which prestigious scholarships and fellowships match those dreams
  • DESTINY includes becoming a leader in one's academics, profession, and community  

Prestigious national and international scholarships and fellowships provide opportunities to expand your horizons, to broaden your knowledge, and to increase your value as a future employee or advanced- degree candidate.   

In general, successful candidates for these awards have a record of outstanding academic achievement, substantive leadership, and, for some awards, community involvement.  The awards seek students who will be future leaders in their fields, agents of change who will contribute as graduate students and professionals.   

Each scholarship/fellowship has faculty contact information, which you can obtain by clicking on the links provided for scholarship descriptions.  To learn what opportunities are available, to discuss your interests and eligibility for these awards, and for assistance with the application process, contact:                                

Professor Jennifer Rosti                                
Director, Major Scholarships and Fellowships                                
190 Fintel (inside the Center for Learning and Teaching)                              

The Gift of a Lifetime

The Gift of a Lifetime

"So when he pledged his support of the College and his fraternity, he saw that as a lifelong commitment."

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Recent Awards

Jessica Compton '15 received a Rotary International Skelton/Jones Scholarship for graduate school abroad.

Jessica Fuller '16 received a Gilman Scholarship to study in Argentina.

Sumi Yi '16 received a Gilman Scholarship to study in South Korea.

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