Intensive Learning Term (May Term) Financial Aid Opportunities

All Roanoke College students are required to complete at least one unit of Intensive Learning (IL) in order to graduate from Roanoke College.  While most of these courses are offered on campus and are covered in the student's normal tuition rate (as long as the student has not participated in an IL course already), the College provides a wide array of travel courses as well.  In these instances, whether traveling domestically or abroad, the student is responsible for covering their travel expenses.

The Financial Aid Office is pleased to announce the following scholarship and loan opportunities for those students who wish to pursue an Intensive Learning travel course.  We encourage you to contact our office during the Fall semester prior to your travel to discuss the options available to you.  Remember that your deposit to enroll in an IL travel course is December 1st so, you need to plan early!


Scholarship Opportunities for May Intensive Learning Travel Programs:

Five funds provide partial scholarships for Intensive Learning travel courses. They are: 

Helen Cobbs International Intensive Learning Scholarship Fund

The Helen Cobbs Fund was designated by the donor to assist local students who wish to meet their IL term requirement through an approved international travel course. Multiple awards are made, typically ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. Recipients are selected based primarily on financial need but academic merit and the number of terms completed at Roanoke College may also be considered.

To be eligible you must:

·         Have demonstrated financial need
·         Enroll in an international travel course
·         Have a permanent residence within 100 miles of the Roanoke College campus

McFeely-Rogers Scholarship Fund

The McFeely-Rogers Foundation provides support for three $1,500 scholarships to assist deserving students with financial need who wish to enroll in IL international travel courses and have not previously travelled abroad or who wish to enroll in IL domestic travel courses.   

To be eligible you must:

·         Have demonstrated financial need
·         Enroll in an international or domestic  travel course
·         Not have previously traveled abroad, if enrolling in an international travel course

Fortnightly Club Scholarship Fund

The Fortnightly Club Scholarship is designed to assist one to three students with up to $1,500 for their IL travel course expenses. Recipients are selected based primarily on financial need but academic merit may also be considered.

To be eligible you must:

·         Have demonstrated financial need
·         Enroll in an international or domestic travel course
·         Have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher

You can apply to three of these four scholarship funds using the IL Travel Scholarship Application. Review the eligibility criteria and then complete the application form to apply for one or more of these funds. The application deadline for all of the funds is October 15.  

Separate applications are required for the Fowler Legacy Program and Mamie S. Patterson Awards.

Fowler Legacy Program

The Fowler Legacy Program was established in 2002. Its purpose is to provide financial support to encourage students to study public issues off campus, whether domestically or abroad.

For information on the scholarship program and eligibility criteria, click here. The on-line scholarship application can be found here. The application deadline is October 15.

In May, 2013, Fowler Legacy Scholarships may be applied to the following courses:

Comparative Education

Dr. Maria Stallions

Paris Premedieval, Paris Postmodern

Dr. Patty Han

The Emergence of Germany: Four Moments

Dr. Michael Hakkenberg & Dr. Rob Willingham

Exploring Ghana through Service

Dr. Shannon Anderson & Dr. Richard Grant

Romania: Food Politics and Globalization

Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef

The History of Hawaii

Dr. Whitney Leeson & Dr. Mark Miller

Sustainable Operations: The Right Road to Profitability

Dr. Chris McCart & Prof. Michael Hutkin

The National Park System: Explore Your America

Dr. Chris Lassiter

The Mamie S. Patterson Travel Award

This award is primarily intended for Spanish and French majors and minors who are participating in a language-intensive international travel course sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages during the Intensive Learning Term. Typical award amounts range from $250-$500. Recipients are selected based on academic merit and economic need. Applications are available from the Department of Modern Languages.

Loan Opportunities:

Before pursuing any of these loan opportunities, students should make sure that they have explored all federal student loan options first.  You may contact the Financial Aid Office at (540) 375-2235 or (800) 200-9221 to discuss your eligibility.

Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

This loan program offers non-need based loans to assist parents of dependent students. The interest rate is 7.90%. The maximum FPLUS amount that may be borrowed equals the difference between the cost of attendance and any other financial aid the student is receiving. In no case may the FPLUS loan exceed a student's cost of attendance minus estimated financial assistance. These loans are subject to a credit review. Once the online Promissory note is completed, Roanoke College will certify the student's expenses.

Roanoke College Loan Program

This loan is available to students based on demonstrated financial need. It is awarded at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid. Funds are limited so, interested students should contact the Financial Aid Office directly before submitting an application to have their eligibility confirmed.  The fixed interest rate is 8%. No interest is charged until the student is scheduled to begin repayment six consecutive months after they graduate, leave school, cease to be at least a half-time student as defined by the institution, or cease making satisfactory academic progress. If you qualify, the Roanoke College Financial Aid Office will require you to complete the RC Loan Master Promissory Note and the RC Loan Request Form.  The maximum loan amount a student may borrow in a given year is $5,000.

Alternative Loan Program

Roanoke College offers a wide variety of alternative loans to help fray the costs of attendance. The interest rate and maximum amounts vary depending upon the chosen program. These loans are subject to a credit review conducted by the lender. Many of them also require that the student obtain a credit-worthy co-signer. International students may be eligible to borrow with a US citizen as a co-signer.

Before borrowing ANY private educational loan, students should note the following things:

  • You may be eligible for loans or other assistance under Title IV, HEA Programs
  • Terms and conditions of Title IV, HEA program loans may be more favorable than the provisions of private education loans 

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