Roanoke College

Merit-based Competition


William Beard Scholarship: Full Tuition, Room and Board*
David S. Bittle Scholarship: Tuition*
A.M. Bowman Scholarship: $7,000*
Christopher C. Baughman Scholarship: $4,500*
Julius Dreher Scholarship: $1,500*
John Morehead Scholarship: $1,000*
Music/Choral Performance Scholarships: up to $2,500***
Art Portfolio Scholarships: up to $2,500****

*The Beard, Bittle, Bowman, Baughman, Dreher and Morehead scholarships are awarded as a result of the Roanoke College Scholars Program. For more information on the different scholarships available, the application and the deadline for the program, applicants are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office.

***Students with academic, vocal and musical skills can audition for Music Performance scholarships for participation in the RC Choir or Women's Chorus, Wind Ensemble and/or Jazz Ensemble. In order to audition for a Performance Scholarship, a student must have been accepted for admission by the College. Typically auditions are held in late fall, winter and early spring. Accepted students are notified of audition dates and then may select the day and time that best fits their circumstances.

****Students who are interested in majoring in art may apply for an art scholarship.  For the scholarship application, we require the following two items:
                     1. Portfolio: Images of 5 - 8 of your best work that demonstrates your
                                       range of skills and ideas
                     2. Statement: A short (250 word) statement that addresses your motives
                                          for making art and your goals for becoming an art major at
                                          Roanoke College.
Applications should be submitted through the following link:

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