Roanoke College

About the Scholarship Competition


The Roanoke College Scholarship Competition was designed to recognize and reward students of superior academic and leadership ability. Students will have the opportunity to compete for the scholarships listed below. Selection of semi-finalists will be based on the scholarship application and academic record. Final recipients will be determined primarily on the performance during the on-campus competition which includes a writing session and personal interview. Academic records will also be given some consideration. Applicants for the Scholarship Competition must submit the admissions application and be accepted to the College prior to the competition.

The William Beard Scholarship
Value: Approximately $200,000

The Beard Scholarship is named for the first valedictorian of Roanoke College who presented his address in 1847. This scholarship covers full tuition, room and board for four years. Beard Scholars are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.3 at Roanoke College to continue this award. Up to two Beard Scholars are recognized each year.

The David Bittle Scholarship
Value: Approximately $150,000

The Bittle Scholarship is named for one of the founders and first president of Roanoke College. Up to ten Bittle Scholars will receive full tuition for four years. A minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point average at Roanoke College is required to continue this award.

The Christopher Baughman Scholarship
Value: $18,000

The Baughman Scholarship is named for another founder of Roanoke College who also held the title of "principal." This $4,500 scholarship is awarded to approximately 60 scholar participants for four years.

The Julius Dreher Scholarship
Value: $10,000

The Dreher Scholarship is named for an 1871 Roanoke College graduate who was appointed president of the College in 1879. Approximately seventy-five Dreher Scholars will be awarded $2,500 annually for four years.

The John Morehead Scholarship
Value: $4,000

The Morehead Scholarship is named for another Roanoke College graduate who served as a College leader from 1903 - 1920. Morehead Scholars will receive $1,000 annually for four years.