Roanoke College

Will I Get In?


Our admissions process is like the education we offer: highly individualized. We review your application, academic grades and courses, class rank (if applicable) and standardized test scores. But, we may also look at extracurricular activities, recommendations and other personal contacts beyond the paper application.

Successful candidates will complete a minimum of 18 academic courses in high school, including four in English, two in social studies, two in lab sciences and at least two recommended foreign language courses. Additionally, there are three required courses in math including, geometry and algebra I and II.

Academic Averages at Roanoke:

Average GPA: Middle 50%* is a 3.0 - 3.7 on a 4.0 scale

Average SAT
: Middle 50%* is a 1070 - 1200
(Reflects a combination of the critical reading and math section only.)

Average ACT
: Middle 50%*is a 22 - 28
(We do not require the writing section on the ACT.)

*This means that 25% of the students accepted to Roanoke are above the middle 50% and 25% of our students are below the middle 50%.