Alumni Handbook

Welcome Alumni

On graduation day, along with your diploma, you and your classmates also received lifetime membership into an exciting, international organization that gladly welcomes you as one of its newest members -- the Roanoke College Alumni Association.

At Roanoke College, we believe that college is more than a four-year experience. There is much more! While your days as an RC student are now behind you, your days as a Roanoke College alumnus/a await you.

As one of Roanoke's growing number of alumni, you are entitled to certain privileges that you may want to take advantage of from time to time.

Moreover, as you venture forth in the coming years, you will undoubtedly want to maintain your ties with the College and fellow alumni. How can you do that? This handbook provides you with some of the ways.

Please use this online handbook to find out what your benefits are as an alumnus/a and to review information you may need in the future.

The Alumni Association

Graduates of Roanoke College become members of the Alumni Association upon commencement. Governed by an Executive Council, the Association consists primarily of alumni chapter representatives who meet four times a year:  in the spring during Alumni Weekend and three times throughout the rest of the year by conference call. The Council serves as the communication link between the alumni body and the College, supervising the policy and programs of the Association.

Alumni Handbook