Roanoke College

Alumni Privileges and Benefits


As a graduate, you are entitled to utilize the following Roanoke College Resources:

Library: You may continue to use the Fintel Library. Vendor licensing agreements only allow on-site, in-building use of electronic resources. In order to check out books, etc., a "Guest Borrowers Card" may be obtained by filling out an application at the library free of charge. (This card is not transferable; the person whose name appears on the card is responsible for all fines and other charges resulting in the use of the card.)

Career Services: You have access to continual career service throughout your lifetime by utilizing the resources and staff assistance in the Office of Career Services. This includes attending workshops on Career or Graduate School Decision-Making, Job Search Strategies, Career Change Assistance, Resume Writing, and Interviewing.

In addition, for no charge you may open a Credential File, which contains a current copy of your resume, reference letters, graduate test scores, or any other special items upon written request. There is a $2 charge for each set mailed out. Please contact Toni McLawhorn at 540-375-2303 or for more information. You may also access the Career Services Web Page through

Transcripts: You may order transcripts from the Registrar's Office for $5 per address. Turn-around time is 48 hours, except at peak times at the end of each semester. Contact the Registrar's office at 540-375-2210.

Olin Hall: Graduates are always welcome to come see performances by the Kandinsky Trio and Roanoke College student theater productions. Please call the box office at 540-375-2333 for more information.

Athletics: You may purchase a pass to the Belk Fitness Center for $25/year in the Office of Campus Safety. You also have access to the pool, tennis courts, playing fields, racquetball courts, and locker rooms. For fitness center hours or more information, please call the Athletics Office at 540-375-2338.

Chaplain's Office: You may share in campus ministry services at Antrim Chapel. You are also welcome to participate in any of the programs offered including: RAM House, West End Center, Head Start, Habitat for Humanity or Bible Study. To find out more information about the Chaplain's Office, please call 540-375-2301.

Course Discount: As a graduate, you are able to receive a 50% discount on tuition. For further information, contact the Registrar's Office at 540-375-2210.