Roanoke College

Article VIII


Dissolution of the Association

The Association may be dissolved at any time by a written resolution approved by an affirmative vote of more than two-thirds (2/3) of the membership of the Executive Council.

Article VIII Amendments

Section 1. By the Executive Council: The Executive Council shall have power by 2/3 votes of those members present at a meeting to make, adopt, alter, amend and repeal, from time to time, by-laws of the Association; provided, however, that Association Members may alter, amend or repeal by-laws made by the Executive Council as set out in Section 2 below.

Section 2. By the Association Membership: All by-laws of the Association shall be subject to alteration or repeal, and new by-laws may be made by a 2/3 vote of the Membership entitled to vote at any meeting of the membership at which a quorum is present (a quorum being at least 15% of the membership) and after 21 days notice having been given to the membership of the time of the meeting and of the proposed alterations, repeal or new enactment that are to be voted upon.

The undersigned certify that the foregoing by-laws have been adopted as the by-laws of the Association.

Adopted this 22nd day of April, 2006:



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Secretary, Alumni Association

Of Roanoke College


Director, Development of

Roanoke College