Roanoke College



AEC Goals for 2009-2010


· Increase overall giving percentage from 28% to 29%.

· Increase participation (financial and otherwise) by new alumni (years 1-10).

· Increase participation of Alumni Clubs in non-chapter areas - California, Colorado, South Carolina, New Jersey, Charlottesville, Chicago, Raleigh, etc.

· Ensure that the Alumni Association members are equipped to become major ambassadors for and supporters of the upcoming Capital campaign.

· Continue to find additional ways to add value to current students and to Roanoke College, in general.

· Bridge between the PAB and the AEC - utilize the structure that the PAB adopts for campaign planning and preparation.


· Enhance non-chapter alumni/class agent system to complement Chapter strategy.

· Continue to enhance communication, involvement and participation through on-campus meetings, conference calls, and other communication channels.

· Strengthen alumni networking to assist with Senior and new graduate career searches using the new alumni network.

· Use alumni more effectively and in new student recruiting.

· Work with Senior Class Campaign to improve the seamlessness of the student to alumni transition.

· Study successful alumni programs at other schools to enhance our contribution to the college.


· Invite all class agents to our spring AEC meeting.

· Review information that the alumni office gathered from peer institutions about their alumni programs.

· Conduct two conference calls a year with chapter chairs and vice-chairs to discuss topics important to Roanoke's strategic plan.

· Institute an additional on-campus AEC meeting in the fall.

· Coordinate goals with PAB in regards to next steps for upcoming campaign preparation.