Letter from President

It is my pleasure to update the College's alumni base on several Alumni Association projects.  These include the Alumni Admissions program, the Career Services program, the Henry Hill Victory Event, and a review of the 2011 Alumni Chapter Receptions.

  • Alumni Admissions Program

The Alumni Association has chosen new student recruitment to be one of its primary initiatives for the next three years.  The leadership of the Alumni Association has been coordinating with the Alumni Office and the Admissions Office to form the new Alumni Admissions Program. The concepts of the program have been shared with the College's admissions staff for each territory in the U.S.  Simultaneously, the Alumni Office has been working to identify Alumni chairs in three initial target areas - Charlotte, Hampton Roads, and Washington, DC.  The chair in each location will undergo training with the Admissions Office and will serve as the liaison between the College and alumni volunteers in the chapter areas. 

We have also secured a small cadre of volunteers, including PAB members, to serve as initial members of the program.  These individuals will help the College Admissions Office with a variety of activities, including representing Roanoke at college fairs, speaking at events with potential students, serving as a resource for parents of applicants, and opening doors with high school guidance counselors. 

This will have the dual effect of enhancing our new student recruitment efforts and building stronger ties between Roanoke and its alumni base.

We will initially implement this program on a small scale in three target areas - Washington, DC, Hampton Roads, and Charlotte.  Then we intend to expand and to refine the program in the coming years.

  • Career Services Program

The Alumni Association leadership has also identified Career Networking and Career Services as a crucial area of activity in the coming years.  With this in mind, our leadership has been working with the Career Services Office and the Alumni Office to expand opportunities for alumni to network with one another and to learn to be more effective in searching for employment opportunities.  A couple of important steps have been taken recently to make this happen.  First, the two offices on campus have been coordinating efforts to market Roanoke's Career Services Alumni Network to successful alumni, including our PAB members.  This network allows our established alumni to volunteer to help current students and young alumni in a variety of ways.  Secondly, the two offices have established a Webinar Series that is focused on young alumni who are interested in the Young Associates program.  The series is focused on helping these young alumni navigate and become more competitive in the current job market.  The first webinar event took place in December, and we had nearly 50 young alumni take part.

  • Henry Hill Victory Event

As I proudly reported in October, the Charlotte Chapter won the Henry Hill Challenge for Fiscal Year 2011.  Since that fall report, details for the Second Annual Henry Hill Victory Event have been finalized.  This special event is scheduled for February 24, 2012, and it will be held at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.  President and Mrs. Maxey will be our honored guests at the event.

  • Chapter Receptions Review

During the last two months of 2011, the College held its annual Alumni Chapter Receptions ("Holiday Receptions") in all twelve chapter areas.  Many of you attended the receptions in your areas, and I thank you for showing your support for Roanoke in that way.  We had a successful season, as 1,080 Maroons attended these receptions.  This is a 9% increase from 2010.  I want to make a special mention of the Richmond chapter.  That chapter had the second largest crowd this year, with over 150 Maroons in attendance.  (The Roanoke Valley consistently has the largest crowd.)

Thanks again to so many of you for attending, and hosting, the receptions in your area.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Oglesbee '95
President, Roanoke College Alumni Association