Purpose Statement

The Roanoke College Alumni Association’s objectives shall be to promote the welfare of Roanoke College by:

  • Encouraging the alumnus/alumna, as an individual, to assume a full measure of responsibility for the progress of the College and to promote the spirit of alma mater;
  • Providing the leadership and the means for the alumni to unite in their efforts to support and strengthen the College;
  • Working closely with the Board of Trustees and the Administration of the College to achieve unity of purpose and activity;
  • Disseminating information that will keep the alumni well-informed about the College and the Association;
  • Establishing efficient class, chapter and club organizations which carry out the objectives of the Association;
  • Assisting in raising funds for the improvement of the College;
  • Encouraging qualified, desirable students to apply for admission to the College;
  • Establishing viable career networking opportunities;
  • Making recommendations through its officers to the Board of Trustees concerning matters essential to the College’s welfare.