The Honorable Richard H. Poff '46

The honorable Richard H. Poff was born, raised, and educated in Montgomery County, Virginia. He entered Roanoke College in 1941 where he undertook a course preparatory for the study of law. Following service in World War II, he enrolled in the University of Virginia Law School, where he graduated in 1948. He than began the practice of law in Radford.

In 1952, at the age of 29, Poff was elected representative of the 6th District of Virginia to the 83rd Congress. He served eight consecutive terms in Washington holding that position. At the time, Congressman Poff was the second-ranking Republican member of two subcommittees.

Puff was chairman of the House Republican Task Force on Crime, and was also the vice-chairman of the Presidential Commission on Reform and Revision of Federal Criminal Statutes. Poff was elected as the only Southerner and the youngest man ever named secretary of the Republican Conference in the House (as of '67).

The honorable Richard Poff was awarded the Roanoke College Medal on October 28, 1967 for his responsible leadership, intellectual integrity, and good citizenship, along with his high degree of achievement. Poff and his wife Jo Ann T. Poff raised three children together; Rebecca T. Poff, Thomas R. Poff, and Richard H. Poff, Jr.