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Jan 21, 2015

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Campus Events

Find out what's happening on campus this week.

Alpha Phi Omega Information Session
7:00 PM, Wed, 01/28/15 - Wed, 01/28/15

Poster Sale
10:00 AM, Wed, 01/28/15 - Wed, 01/28/15

Men's Basketball
7:00 PM, Wed, 01/28/15

Information Session
7:30 AM, Thu, 01/29/15 - Thu, 01/29/15

Women's Basketball
7:00 PM, Thu, 01/29/15

Interview Session
6:00 PM, Thu, 01/29/15 - Thu, 01/29/15

Interview Session
4:00 PM, Thu, 01/29/15 - Thu, 01/29/15

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Off-campus Events

There is a lot to see and do in Roanoke and in the surrounding area. Here's some ideas of upcoming events to check out:

February 13-14, 2015
Monster Jam - Roanoke Civic Center

February 26, 2015
The Harlem Globetrotters - Roanoke Civic Center 

April 18, 2015
Color Run- Salem Civic Center

For other ideas, check out the Roanoke Valley page.


Announcements for Current Students

Conference Week Talent Show

The Honors Program will be putting on their annual talent show and bake off on Saturday February 21st at 7:00 pm in Cavern. All Roanoke College students are invited to participate, and talents can range from musical performances, poetry, stand-up, skits, dance, and much more! Prizes will be awarded for the best acts! If you would like to perform in the talent show please contact Andrew March ( by February 14th with what you will be performing, with whom you will be performing if it is a group act, and what you will need from the Tech Crew.
Contact: Andrew March
Location: Cavern

An MCSP Conversation Series Talk: "Combinatorial Representation Theory of Lie Algebras"

Please join us for a talk by Ms. Margaret Rahmoeller from N.C. State on the topic of Lie Algebras. Due to the technical nature of the second half of the talk, this may be most appropriate for MCSP majors. Abstract: We will discuss two combinatorial tools used in Representation Theory of Lie algebras: Young Diagrams and Path Realizations. For simplicity, we will focus on the simplest case of the Lie algebra sl(2) consisting of 2x2 trace-zero matrices over the field of complex numbers and its infinite dimensional analog sl(2)^ which is called an affine Lie algebra. Towards the end, we will discuss how to use the path realization to learn the structure of associated Demazure modules of the quantum affine algebra U_q(sl(n)^), which is the focus of my research.
Contact: Daniel Robb
Location: Massengill Auditorium

Prospective Business Administration Majors Meeting

Join us for the "inside information" on the Business Administration Major! There will be mandatory meeting this coming Monday (February 2nd) in Massengill Auditorium at 4:00pm for any student planning to declare the Business Administration major or considering Business Administration as a major. The focus of the meeting is to discuss the Business Administration major and concentrations in addition to the admission�s requirements. The meeting will be brief, but you will receive important information regarding the major and class selections for the fall. If you are on a sports team that has practice that day, then come by for a long as you can and pick up an information summary. If you have questions, please contact Prof. Sharon Gibbs at or Dr. Kevin Baker at
Contact: Sharon Gibbs
Location: Massengill Auditorium