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cpiper_Arch: Beautiful day in Salem near/at Roanoke College <a href=""></a>
Oct 29, 2014

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Campus Events

Find out what's happening on campus this week.

BSA and RCAD Halloween Dance Party
11:00 PM, Fri, 10/31/14 - Fri, 10/31/14

Roanoke Haunting: Haunted House
6:00 PM, Fri, 10/31/14 - Fri, 10/31/14

3:00 PM, Sat, 11/01/14 - Sat, 11/01/14

Men's Cross Country
11:00 AM, Sat, 11/01/14

Women's Volleyball
11:00 AM, Sat, 11/01/14

Roanoke Haunting: Haunted House
6:00 PM, Sat, 11/01/14 - Sat, 11/01/14

Catholic Mass on Campus
5:00 PM, Sun, 11/02/14 - Sun, 11/02/14

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Off-campus Events

There is a lot to see and do in Roanoke and in the surrounding area. Here's some ideas of upcoming events to check out: 

November 10-11, 2014
Blue Man Group - Roanoke Civic Center

November 13, 2014
Little Big Town - Salem Civic Center

November 21, 2014
Dierks Bently - Roanoke Civic Center

For other ideas, check out the Roanoke Valley page.


Announcements for Current Students

African Photo-Story Exhibit in November

Photographs from our community of experiences in the countries and cultures that make up the diverse African continent will be on display for the month of November in Fintel Library. Stop by to check it out, learn something new, and test your knowledge of Africa by participating in our raffle quiz! Exhibit Reception will be on Wednesday Nov. 4th 4:30 - 6 pm.
Contact: Pamela Serota Cote
Location: Fintel Library Lobby


OCTOBER 31, ____ : The students plotted; the President and faculty remained on high alert. It was October 31st, . . . "All Hallows Eve," . . . Hallowe'en night. SOMETHING was going to happen. . . . Most common was the annual "gathering of loose lumber" from nearby properties. The first trick was to sneak off campus without getting caught. Then the boys scurried around the neighborhood "borrowing" anything that was not attached, and occasionally some things that WERE. Barrels, porch chairs, boxes, small wagons, even fence slats were fair game. Next, the students had to sneak back onto campus with their treasures and, again, not get caught. Students would then pile the items high in front of the doors (front and back) of the Administration Building where many classes were held. The hoped-for outcome would be the cancelling of classes. Of course, that never happened as the janitors (all two of them) would invariably get there early in the morning and clear the offending items from the doors so the school day could begin on time. The boys' hopes were dashed, but . . . there was always another time, another prank to plan.
Contact: Linda Angle Miller

Friends Committee on National Legislation at Roanoke Presents "Speaking Truth to Power Through Story-Telling" (Workshop)

This workshop will help us practice telling our own story in a deep and powerful way and connect to the issues in order to mobilize our communities and elected officials to act. This will be a preview of the types of training students will receive at Spring Lobby Weekend, March 14-17, as well as the Summer Intensive Training for the Advocacy Corps in August 2015. Kaeley will offer information about paid opportunities for young people to work with the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in DC and across the country.
Contact: Dr. Michael Heller
Location: Monterey House

DARE TO PREPARE! Lucas Hall needs your team!

Studying a Foreign Language this semester? Sign up your team today for the 4th Annual GREAT LUCAS HALL COOK-OFF on December 6th. Each team will prepare an appetizer or dessert from a region in which the language that they are studying is spoken. Prizes for Best Appetizer and Dessert, Co-Curricular Credit and/or Extra Credit will be given to participants of this event. Space is limited so register your team online today:
Contact: Christine Stanley or Giuliana Chapman
Location: Colket Center (Ballroom)

Friends Committee on National Legislation at Roanoke Presents "How to Make Change While Making Change"

Join Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm for a wide-ranging conversation on building a career in social justice work. As coordinator of the Advocacy Corps of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, Kaeley will talk about paid fellowships, nonpaid summer internships, grassroots positions across the country, and the FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend on climate change in March 2015.
Contact: Dr. Michael Heller
Location: Augusta House


The Holiday Craft Show--scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 18, over lunch time--is looking for a student jewelry vendor to sell hand-crafted items at our Holiday Craft Show. Other College-affiliated vendors are also welcome. If interested, please contact Mrs. Miller in the Archives (Ground Floor of Fintel Library). x2490 or
Contact: Linda Angle Miller

Friends Committee on National Legislation at Roanoke Presents "Kingian Nonviolence (of Martin Luther King, Jr.) Applied Today in the Environmental Justice Movement and Beyond"

Join Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm for this conversation in Mike Heller's PEAC 301 course. All are welcome. The class begins at 10:10 am and concludes at 11:40.
Contact: Dr. Michael Heller
Location: Miller Hall 212