Meeting Room Request in Monterey

Request for use of Monterey House
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Requestor is responsible for arranging any special set-up or equipment.
(i.e. The Physical Plant - form, Student Activities, and Instructional Technology Form.)
If you require food service you must contact Dining Services to review menu and set-up selection.

THE Monterey HOUSE

  1. Use of the Monterey House rooms is primarily designed to complement the academic and administrative activities of the College.  The house will generally not be available for use by groups external to the college, unless there is important participation by Roanoke College faculty in the event.
  2. According to the Faculty Handbook, “any social function on campus which involves the use of an alcoholic beverage must be organized so that the provision and use of alcohol is under the aegis of the College’s Dining Service.”  Use of the Monterey House for such a function will require the approval of the Vice President Dean of the College.
  3. The entire house will not be reserved for use except under the rarest of occasions.  Whenever that sort of event is scheduled, faculty members will be given advance notice (RC Express) that the house will not be available for their use.
  4. The house will remain open Monday through Friday during the academic session, including summer school.
Individual requesting the use of the Monterey House is responsible for the facility and arranging any special requirements, i.e. Building & Grounds, Dining Service, Audio Visual.