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Your organization has an email name, a computer folder to hold organizational computer files, and a folder to hold web page files.  The Student Activities Office highly encourages the use of all of these resources.  To find your organizational email name and folders, visit the Organization Info Page.  If you need help, please contact the Student Activities Office by email <> or phone x2307.

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Who needs access to the Stuorg Drive for storage space?   (please list the email user names)

Who needs access to the drive for Web Page Storage?   (please list the email user names)

Upon submitting this form, the submitter verifies that all of the above information is complete and correct.  The submitter accepts responsibility for the content and use of that organization's World Wide Web site.  All publications and computer use associated with this privilege will be conducted within the policies of Roanoke College as found in the Student Handbook.
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