Roanoke College

Clean Air Policy


The clean air policy has been established because of concerns about the health hazards of cigarette smoking as well as the effect second- hand tobacco smoke has on non-smokers.  According to the American Lung Association, more than 80 million workdays are lost due to smoking-related illness each year.  Employers face potential liability if they are not taking reasonable steps to protect their employees from cigarette smoke.

The purpose of the Roanoke College clean air policy is to protect non-smokers on campus from second-hand smoke generated by tobacco use.  This protection is accomplished by the following means:

1.  Designating areas on campus where smoking will be permitted and areas where smoking will not be permitted.

2.  Providing educational/informational sessions about the dangers of tobacco use.

Academic, Administrative or Athletic Buildings or Areas         

Smoking is not permitted inside or within 25 feet of non-residential buildings.  Individuals wishing to smoke must go outside these buildings. 

Residence Halls

Smoking is not permitted in or within 25 feet of Roanoke College residence halls, including fraternity houses.

Special Use/Miscellaneous Areas

Colket Center Snack bar will be smoke free. Indoor Cashier or Service Lines - State regulations prohibit smoking in indoor cashier or service lines. College Vehicles - Smoking is not permitted in college-owned vehicles.  This prohibition includes automobiles, vans and utility vehicles (both motor pool vehicles and vehicles permanently assigned to specific departments.)

Smoking Cessation Programs

The college will periodically provide on-campus educational programs that describe the risks of smoking and that provide information about off-campus programs designed to help smokers stop smoking. 


Residence Life Staff as well as Campus Safety Staff will deal with student violations in accordance with established disciplinary procedures as outlined in the Roanoke College Student Handbook.

Tobacco Sales

The sale of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.

This policy is effective July 1, 1994