Funding Guidelines

Funding Priorities

A.     Student organizations will be funded within the appropriate activities package as listed below:

1.  The Student Publications

a.     The Brackety-Ack

b.     The Literary Magazine

2.     Student Government

a.     Student Government Association

b.    Inter-Hall Council

3.    Campus Activities Board

4.    Other recognized student organizations           

B.     Student Life Council contingency funds may be requested, on a petition basis, for other special student projects, programs and activities open to all Roanoke College students.  Any recognized student organization, including honorary and departmental organizations, or individuals, may request funding.

II.     Funding Procedures

A.     Preliminary Budgets in Spring Term

1.     Upon receipt of budget guidelines from SLC announcing the annual procedures, recognized student organizations will submit six (6) copies of the budget request to the SGA Treasurer prior to Spring Break.

2.     Following Spring Break, the SGA Appropriations Committee will review all submitted budgets, hold budget hearings and make recommendations to the SGA Senate.

3.     Upon SGA Senate's approval, SGA Treasurer will submit twelve (12) copies of the organizations' recommended budget requests to SLC for action.

4.     Upon SLC's approval, the Director of the Colket Center & Student Activities will inform those organizations who submitted a preliminary budget request of the tentative amount allocated for the following academic year.

5.     In the fall, upon receipt of a budget summary of the past academic year from each organization and upon receiving            the final college budget figures:

a.  If there is no change to the budgeted amount, the Director of the Colket Center & Student Activities will prepare final copies of the approved budgets for SLC and the student organizations or,

b.  If there are changes to the budgeted amount, SLC will review and change tentative allocations as needed.  The Director of the Colket Center & Student Activities will then prepare final copies of the approved budgets for SLC and the student organizations.

B.  Requests after the year has started

1. A recognized organization requesting funding will submit twelve (12) typewritten copies of the budget request to the Student                 Life Council.

2.     The request for funding will be placed on SLC's meeting agenda and a representative of the requesting organization should be present to answer questions concerning the request.

3.     A budget summary of the funded event or activity must be submitted to SLC following the event.

4.     SLC may or may not delegate this matter to the Budget Sub-committee.

III.    Information required with any request for funds.

A.  Money in current treasury.

B. Itemization of where funds would go.

C. Other sources the group has requested funds from.

D. Income from other sources, including projected revenues.

IV.    Expenditure of Student Activity Funds

A.     All purchasing will be done by the Vice President-Business Affairs.

B.     No employee, student or student organization is authorized to obligate the college except the Vice President-Business Affairs.

C.    Items purchased with college funds should benefit the college as a whole.  Any item generally for personal consumption only should be paid for by the individual desiring said items.

D.    All contracts involving financial matters in any way must be signed by the Vice President-Business Affairs or his designated representative.

E.     Purchasing requirements for consumable goods, equipment and contracts are as follows:

1.     Under $500.  The Business Office will no longer require requisitions to be submitted for goods and/or services where the total purchase is $500 or less.

Individual department heads are authorized to order supplies and services directly from vendors without submitting a requisition when the total cost of the purchase is less than $500. Department heads may delegate this authority to those persons that they authorize to approve departmental expenditures by informing the Business Office in writing or by email of the decision. The Business Office will maintain a listing of authorized signers by department. However, please keep in mind that the budget manager is responsible for keeping total expenditures within his or her departmental budget, regardless if another individual has been given authority to purchase goods and/or services.

When individuals order goods and/or services, they should direct companies to send the corresponding invoices directly to their attention. Invoices, which are then submitted for payment to the Business Office, must contain a valid account number and signature to authorize payment.

2.     Over $500.  Requisitions must be submitted and approved before goods and/or services are ordered. Department heads (or individuals who have been designated by the department heads in writing) must sign requisitions indicating their approval of departmental expenditures. Requisitions should note a "ship to" and a "bill to" address. The "bill to" address should be the address of the individual department ordering the goods and/or services. All vendors will be instructed to send invoices to the "bill to" address rather than to the Business Office. In addition, vendors will also be instructed to require a purchase order number before processing requests for goods and/or services that total more than $500.

Requisitions will be approved and processed within two days of receipt in the Business Office.

A copy of the purchase order will be forwarded to the specified company as a request to order goods unless it is otherwise noted on the requisition. Faxing of purchase orders to companies is not the standard practice of the Business Office. Employees may request to have the company's copy forwarded back to the department in order for the employee to fax in an order.

A departmental copy of the purchase order will be returned to the budget manager.

3.     Any request for sole source vendors must be noted and justified on the purchase order requisition.

F.     All contracts between the college and vendors should be for no more than one fiscal year period beginning July 1 through June 30.

G.    Purchases through college facilities, i.e. the Bookstore, Print Shop, Word Processing Center, Food Services, Cavern, should comply with the above guidelines.  In particular, students may not use student activity funds to purchase personal items (see IV.C. above).

Approved by SLC:  February 12, 1986

Revised:  July 1, 1999