Motor Vehicle Policy

Campus parking is a privilege and students are expected to abide by the parking regulations as well as local and state motor vehicle laws. The following rules and procedures are in order to provide for the orderly and safe operation of vehicles on campus.  The college assumes no responsibility or liability for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents while operated or parked on college property.


Registration of Motor Vehicles

All vehicles must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety located in Bowman Hall.  Information needed for vehicle registration includes:  make, model, color, year of vehicle, license plate number. The Roanoke College student identification number and a local address is also required.


A.  Registration Requirements

1.   A student must be enrolled for the current academic session at Roanoke College.

2.   The vehicle must comply with all state inspection and registration requirements of the owner's state of residence.

3.   All vehicles must be covered by liability insurance consistent with the minimum requirements of the State of Virginia.

4.   The student must have a valid operator's license from their state of residence.

5.   The student's motor vehicle privileges must not be in a revoked status by the college.


B. Parking Fee and Decals                                                                                                                   

There is an annual, non-refundable registration fee of $75 for each student vehicles utilizing college parking facilities. The fee must be paid at the time the student's vehicle is registered with the Office of Campus Safety.  A parking decal will be issued after payment of the parking fee. Students may only register one vehicle.

 Decals are valid from August through July of each year. There is no parking fee for students with vehicles on campus while attending Summer School sessions; however, vehicles must be registered and display a parking decal. Payment of the annual parking fee does not guarantee a parking space in a particular lot.  Parking lots are for the use of students during the terms in which they are enrolled.  Vehicles must be moved within 5 days after the end of the term.                                                    

Use of campus parking lots for long term storage of disabled or surplus vehicles is not permitted. If a matriculating student wishes to leave his or her vehicle in a parking lot during breaks between college terms, notification must be made to and permission granted by the Office of Campus Safety.     

A student registering a vehicle is responsible for the decal until the date of expiration or the date the Office of Campus Safety is notified of the loss or destruction of the decal. The Roanoke College parking decal must be removed from your vehicle upon graduation, leaving college, trade of vehicles, or any change in vehicle status.


C. Guests and Temporary Permits                                                                                                      
Guests and visitors of the campus community must obtain a guest permit through the Office of Campus Safety.   Temporary permits are issued for valid reasons such as borrowed or rented cars.  Guest and temporary permits are issued for specific periods of time at no charge and are under the same rules and regulations as permanent registrations. Hosts are responsible to see that guests are familiar with and abide by campus parking regulations.

D. Parking Zones

College parking lots are color coded and numbered to identify the designation for a particular lot. Parking decals are color coded accordingly.  Students may only park in lots that correspond to their status as either a residential or commuter student*.

Blue Lots - are for Commuter students. Elizabeth Campus students receive commuter decals.

Yellow Lots - are for Residential students.

Maroon Lots - are for Faculty and Staff.

Green Lots - are reserved 24 hours / 7 days a week for Visitors.


*Students may park in Maroon Lots (with the exception of P-13 at Chalmers hall) and from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. on Monday - Thursday and from 5 p.m. on Fridays until 2 a.m. on Monday.

*Residential Students may park in Blue lots from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. on Monday - Thursday and from 5 p.m. on Fridays until 2 a.m. on Monday.



Operators of motor vehicle on the property of Roanoke College are expected to obey all signs and rules regulating traffic flow and parking as well as directives or instructions given by Campus Safety staff.  The college enforces campus motor vehicle policies by issuance of citations for violations. As Special Conservators of the Peace, appointed by the Salem Circuit Court, Campus Safety Officers have certain police powers and arrest authority on the campus. Officers can enforce state and local traffic law violations that occur on campus.   


A.  Parking and Operational Violations and Fines

•1.    These violations carry a $25 fine and are non-appealable.

•a)    Parking in a lot or parking space for which the decal issued does not apply.

•b)    Parking in such a manner as to take up more than one space.

•c)    Motorcycles or other gasoline powered vehicles may not be stored inside any building.

•d)    Parking after designated hours in timed student spaces.

•e)    Blocking a dumpster.

•f)     Parking in a designated Fire Lane.

•g)    Removal of vehicle immobilizer device.


•2.    These violations carry a $25 Fine.

•a)    Parking where prohibited by sign or yellow marking on the pavement

•b)    Blocking another vehicle.

•c)    No decal displayed or improper displayed decal.


•3.    These violations carry a $50 fine.

•a)    Driving too fast for conditions. The campus speed limit is l0 m.p.h.

•b)    Driving the wrong way on a one way road.

•c)    Operating a vehicle in areas other than parking lots and roadways.

•d)    Reckless Driving. (see #5)


•4.    These violations carry a $100 fine and are non-appealable.

•a)    Failure to register vehicle and pay annual parking fee

•b)    Fifth and each subsequent parking violation during the school year.

•c)    Parking in a handicapped space without displaying a handicapped permit

•d)    Driving on grassed areas of the campus.

•e)    Driving on the running track or athletic fields.


5.  Due to the level of seriousness these traffic violations are violations of the Student Conduct Code and students may be referred to the college disciplinary system for adjudication:

•a)    Reckless driving or operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner.

•b)    Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. (DUI). 


(Drunk driving and reckless driving on private property (the campus) are violations of Virginia State traffic laws and student violators are subject to arrest by Campus Safety or Salem Police Officers).


C.  Multiple Violations

Multiple citations can be issued for continuous violations on the same calendar day.


D.  Repeat Violations / Revocation of Parking Privileges

Accrual of seven or more violations within one academic year (September through August) will place a student's parking privileges in jeopardy.  For the first four citations, the fine will be the basic amount ($25 or $50).  The fifth and each subsequent violation will incur a $100 fine.  Upon accrual of seven citations the student's parking privileges are automatically placed in a probationary status and the registrant is required to meet with Campus Safety staff to discuss parking.  Additional citations will result in revocation of the student's campus parking privileges.  Vehicles in a revoked status will be towed from the campus at the owner's expense. (Section G below).  Serious moving violations such as DUI may result in immediate revocation.


E.  Payment of Fines

The placing of the issue copy of the citation on an automobile is considered proof that the operator received the citation and serves as the only notice for payment of fines.  Students are responsible for all violations accrued by their registered vehicles regardless of who drove or parked the vehicle. Fines are  paid at the college Business Office (located on the first floor of College Hall) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays or by using the citation envelope via US or campus mail. After fines are posted to a student's account, payment may also be made online through the MyRoanoke student portal.


F.  Appeals    

Certain violations are appealable (see section A of violations). Appeal forms are available on line or at the Campus Safety Office and must be submitted to the Campus Safety Office within 14 days of receiving the citation. Appeals must be based on facts and include the citation number as well as the receipt showing that the fine has been paid.  You will be informed of the action on your appeal by e-mail.  If the appeal is accepted, your record of citations will be changed accordingly and the fine amount will be refunded.


G.  Right to Tow Vehicles

The college reserves the right to tow vehicles from Roanoke College property at any time, with or without prior notice, and at the owner's expense. Violations where towing could result are:

•1.    Blocking service or emergency lanes.

•2.    Vehicles not registered with the college.

•3.    Vehicles in a revoked status.

•4.    Blocking dumpsters.

•5.    Parking in a handicapped parking space.

•6.    All abandoned or disabled vehicles that remain on the premises in excess of five days unless otherwise permitted by the Office of Campus Safety (see section B of this policy). 

•7.    Virginia State law allows for the seizure and sale of abandoned vehicles.


H.  Vehicle Immobilizer

 Section 46.2-1231 of the Code of Virginia permits immobilization of trespassing vehicles on private property.  When this device is applied to a vehicle, it will carry a $50.00 fine to be collected before the equipment may be removed.  Attempts at unauthorized removal of the equipment which result in damage to the "Denver Boot" will result in the levying of a repair or replacement fee up to $350.00 and disciplinary action.  Unidentified student vehicles are considered as trespassing vehicles as defined by the above Code of Virginia and are subject to being booted.


J.  Taxation Notice

Roanoke College resident students who are from Virginia may be subject to personal property taxes on their vehicle to the City of Salem.  It is recommended that such students contact the Commissioner of Revenue's Office for the City of Salem at 375-3019 to determine their tax status.


Main Campus Parking Lots By Zones*

*Elizabeth Campus Lots are open to students with yellow or blue decals


Blue Lots - Commuter Parking Areas

Lot #






Market Street

Lower Olin Hall

Clay and North Market

North Market


Yellow Lots - Residential Parking Areas

Lot #









McClung and Market Street

Market Street

Red Lane

Catawba Hall

Hawthorne Street

Red Lane (Chesapeake)



Maroon Lots - Faculty / Staff Parking Areas

Lot #













Crawford Hall (West)

Clay and College

Life Science / Trexler Hall / Bast


Lower Olin (west section)

East Side of Roselawn

Chalmers Hall

Crawford South

Behind College Avenue & Bank Building

105 North Colorado

Old Post Office (103 East Main Street)


Green Lots - Visitor Parking Areas

Lot #







Bast Center (8 spaces - 1 hour)

Monterey Guests (5 spaces)

Upper Olin Hall

Lower Olin Hall

Roselawn (Admissions Visitor)


 Handicapped Parking -   Handicapped parking is provided in the following lots:











West Crawford Hall

South Crawford Hall

Science Center / Bast Center

Upper Olin Hall

Clay Street and College Avenue

Chesapeake Hall

Afton Hall

Fintel Library & West Hall