Roanoke College



Roanoke College, as a private institution of higher education, recognizes and acknowledges that the exchange of opinion is paramount in education, and it therefore becomes an accepted obligation of this institution to provide for that exchange.  Roanoke College also recognizes that all opinions of free men and women in a free society are not in accord, nor are all opinions in accord with the purposes and policies of Roanoke College.  Yet, the college cherishes the freedom granted it as a private institution in a great American democracy protected by constitutional guarantees of freedom of expression, and accepts the responsibility that those freedoms demand, within its purpose as an educational institution.

It is still essential that there be orderly management of the function of the college; therefore, the following rules are provided for the benefit of the entire college community:

1.  Individuals or groups being presented on the campus of Roanoke College or Roanoke College students or student groups wishing to rally, demonstrate, or make a presentation on the campus should serve the broad educational aims of the institution.

2.  Only a department or agency of the college and those organizations that are officially recognized by the college may invite individuals or groups to the campus.

3.  Since the privilege of question is vital to the educational process, the college will expect that opportunity will be given for a question and answer exchange at a time mutually agreeable to the visitor(s), the sponsoring organization, and the college, with every effort to be made to schedule such an exchange at the conclusion of any primary appearance.

4.  The use of facilities and the date and time of the engagement must be cleared in advance with the Director of the Colket Center & Student Activities who maintains the official college calendar.

5.  Attendance at presentations by such visitors shall be limited to members of the academic community, unless the college extends invitations to a limited number of guests or to the public.

6.  The presence of any individual or group on this campus with authorization granted under these procedures in no way implies that the college endorses or supports the views implied or expressed by that individual or group.  The college looks with disfavor upon individuals or groups who advocate the overthrow of the constitutional government of the United States of America.