Roanoke College



Roanoke College is committed to establishing a special living/learning environment for the College community, which includes its students, faculty and administrative staff.

A student's relationship with the College is based on a contractual agreement that the student enters into voluntarily.  By joining our College community, the student agrees to abide by the policies of the College including the Student Conduct Code.  Individuals are subject to the Student Conduct Code as long as they are enrolled at the College, including break periods and while studying abroad.  The College conduct system is not a legal system based on the adversarial model used in the courts. Rather, it is a system that seeks to find the truth by ensuring that students charged with violations of the Student Conduct Code know the charges brought against them by whom and have the opportunity to answer such charges before an impartial authority of members of the College community. The College's conduct system is not a substitute for the criminal justice system or a sanctuary from criminal or civil law.  Violations of local, state, and/or federal laws are handled by the respective court systems. Such conduct also may constitute violations of the Student Conduct Code and thus may subject a student to action by the College. 


Students are responsible for knowing the information, policies and procedures outlined in this document.  The policies and regulations of the College have been established to support the educational mission and values of the institution. This mission includes providing a safe, special living/learning environment in which students can pursue their education without undue interruption or distraction. In order for this to be possible, students are expected to be honest; to respect the rights and property of other members of the College and the local community; and to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. For many students, the college experience means an opportunity for increased freedom. Along with this increased freedom, comes the obligation of handling it responsibly. Students are expected to behave responsibly and will be held accountable for their actions.