Roanoke College

Student Mental Health Episode and Crisis Policy



When a student suffers a health problem in which his / her physical or psychological functioning is so impaired that his / her condition or conduct is detrimental to the health or educational progress of other campus community members or the educational process of the institution, Roanoke College officials reserve the right to withdraw the student or take other appropriate action.  In order to assist the College in determining what action to take, the student may be required to provide information from an appropriately licensed health care provider regarding the student's health and functioning, and a professional opinion as to the student's ability to meet the requirements of the College environment.  Furthermore, if requested by the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee, the student must provide written consent for the health care provider to discuss the student's condition and prognosis with appropriate College officials or agents.  The student also agrees to comply with any other reasonable request from the College that may assist the College in its review of the matter.  The final determinations for withdrawal and readmission, or other action, shall be at the sole discretion of the College and for reasons deemed satisfactory to the College.  Such action by the College may include, but is not limited to, the following: 

1.     Restricting the student from contact with specified individuals.

2.     Restricting the student from certain portions of campus.

3.     Restricting the student from involvement in specified organizations, events,
        or activities.

4.     Revoking the student's College housing.

5.     Withdrawing the student from a specified class or classes.

6.     Not allowing the student to remain enrolled unless the college is convinced that the student's condition or conduct no longer poses a
        threat to himself or others or that the student will not act in a manner that is detrimental to the best interests of the college.

7.     Not allowing the student to continue his/her enrollment in a subsequent term in the case where the student has completed an
        academic term. 

8.     Withdrawing the student from the College.  The involuntary withdrawal of a student shall be treated as a withdrawal for health reasons
        and not as a violation of the student conduct code.  Students receiving such a health withdrawal must receive permission from the
        College to re-enroll.

Please contact the Dean of Students regarding any questions about the guidelines set forth above.