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Roanoke College has two sets of colors. The following paragraph is quoted from The First Hundred Years at Roanoke College by William Edward Eisenburg, page 452, as an explanation for this:


"The official colors of the College have been, and still are, two hues described as National blue and Mandarin yellow. In the early days of the manufacture of athletic equipment, for some reason or other these two shades could not be obtained in suits pleasing or satisfactory to the students, who rather than wait for progress, became disgusted with the official colors and selected two new colors -- maroon and gray -- in which it was possible at the time to procure uniforms as needed. In this way the College has come to possess two distinct sets of colors, and were it not for the linings of baccalaureate hoods seen two or three times a session, students of the past thirty years would scarcely know that blue and yellow were of any significance."



The seal of the college was redesigned by Professor Guy A. Ritter and approved by the Board of Trustees in 1964. The formal seal shows a blue shield emblazoned with a gold cross, representing the College's relationship with the Lutheran Church. The lamp of knowledge sits above the shield. On the shield is a white dogwood flower, symbolic of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Latin motto on the ribbon beneath the shield honors academic achievement and translates as "Let he or she who earns the palm wear it," symbolic of the palm leaf given in honor of excellence in ancient Greece.


The seal is reserved for official College documents and must be reproduced in full color. To protect the dignity and authority of the Roanoke College seal, its use and presentation are restricted. Contact the Office of Public Relations, Annex, for guidelines and artwork.


Roanoke College Seal



The Roanoke College logo was re-designed in 2003 to better reflect the growth experienced by Roanoke College. Roanoke's reputation as a national liberal arts college is reflected through the emphasis on Roanoke. The graphic represents the opportunity of education and the view from Roanoke College out into the world at large.


Roanoke College Logo 



In 2009, the Roanoke College athletic logo was updated to incorporate a hawk to symbolize Rooney, the Maroons' new mascot. Featuring a collegiate style, the logo is bold, confident and fierce.




Athletics Logo