Roanoke College

Job Description and Application


What is it?

Maroon Corps is Roanoke College's R Days student task force. Specifically, they are orientation group leaders for the groups of incoming students. The Corps is responsible for planning and executing activities with incoming students during R Days, for meeting them at scheduled events, for being available to them in case of need and for serving as peer mentors from R Days through fall break. Maroon Corps will go through a summer training process (August 21st-24th) prior to R Days. Students in the Corps will have permission to return to campus early for training, free meals during that week, and will be paid a total of $200 ($50 for R Days,$50 for first 3 weeks of academic year and $100.00 at fall break) for their time and successful completion of responsibilities.

The Corps is a mix of current students built to represent RC students from across the board. RC wants to get the most varied group of students in order to reach out to incoming students' interests.


  • Be in good standing academically and socially with the college
  • Have enthusiasm and appreciation for Roanoke College
  • Intentions to be a student at Roanoke College and in Salem for the entire 2015-2016 academic year
  • Previous experience in leadership / mentoring positions (preferably at Roanoke College)
  • Must be able to demonstrate working knowledge of the college, its academic standards, and resources for students
  • 2 Recommendations: from Roanoke Faculty and/or staff

Job Description:

Before R Days

  • Attendance is expected at all training sessions
  • Participate in summer training (August 21st-24th) immediately prior to R Days
  • To have studied the summer new student academic instrument (book or theme) in preparation for discussion of summer assignment with students and faculty mentor
  • Prepare activities with the faculty mentor for orientation group meetings

During R Days

  • Bleed Maroon -- RC comes first!  Help move in all residential first-year students on Move-In day and/or work other stations as needed
  • Help guide parents and families around campus as needed
  • Attend and be on time to all events during R Days orientation
  • Administer College evaluations at the end of R Days orientation
  • Develop a rapport with each of your new students
    -Hang out: be a friend to your O group members by spending time with them
    -Help manage students at open events such as Maroonapalooza and downtown visits

Post R Days

  • Serve as a peer mentor through fall break (6 weeks)
    • Administer two (2) weekly check-ins with each new student in your small group (approximately 8 students)
    • Check-ins: one should be in person each week and the second can be through technology (text, email, IM, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Share transition videos with your new maroons at requested times during the 6 week follow-up period
  • Send weekly email update on all of the new maroons in your small group to your Maroon Corps supervisor.
  • Coordinate a trip to the Habitat for Humanity house with your O Group during the 1st 6 weeks of the semester

Goals of Orientation / R Days  at Roanoke

  1. By the end of the first six weeks every Roanoke student will be able to identify at least one student, one staff person, and one faculty member whom they would feel comfortable approaching with an issue that affects his or her ability to thrive at Roanoke College.
  2. By the end of the first six weeks of the fall semester our students will understand and identify two of the College's core values as well as articulate two of the College's expectations.
  3. By the end of the first six weeks students should be able to identify resources at the College to meet expectations.


  • To be completely available to orientation during the spring and August training and the four days. (i.e. no other jobs or pre-semester obligations are allowed)
  • To be friendly and supportive of all new students but especially those in your orientation group
  • Enthusiasm during training, for the four days of Orientation, and throughout the first six weeks of the semester
  • Attendance and timeliness at all events for training, Orientation, and any corresponding events during the first six weeks of the semester
  • Expose students to appropriate social and academic atmosphere on campus
  • Uphold and communicate the College's four pillars
  • To be mindful of the orientation goals and to strive to achieve them.