Roanoke College

Freshman Orientation Calendar Fall 2015


Welcome to Roanoke College! The following calendar provides the dates, deadlines and steps involved to prepare for your college experience.  Many of the action items require access to the MyRoanoke portal using your username and password. After you deposit, you will receive an enrollment packet containing this information.

MyRoanoke is the single access portal for all students. The portal includes “Roanoke College Notifications” which requires your attention. “WebAdvisor” provides access to forms that need to be completed along with other academic information.

Required: Activate MyRoanoke Portal
Activate the MyRoanoke portal to get started. You must have your username and password.  If you cannot find your username and password, please contact the Roanoke College Information Technology Helpdesk at 540-375-2225 or 866-551-2225.


March, April and May

Required: Register for a June Spring Into Maroon Orientation Day
Your orientation to Roanoke will start with one of the Spring Into Maroon dates on June 15, 19, 22 or 26. This event is designed for incoming freshmen to help you connect with your classmates and the rest of the College.  If you have any questions, please call the Admissions Office at 540-375-2270 or 800-388-2276.

Register soon - space is limited to 120 deposited freshman students per day. RSVP no later than June 2.

Required: Financial Acceptance (Business Office)
Acknowledge your financial responsibility.

Required: Complete Health Services Form
A Health Record must be completed by your physician and on file in our Health Services Office before you arrive to campus. Return the Health Forms by mail no later than August 1.

Required for students who have taken AP and IB exams and dual enrollment courses: Academic Achievement Form (Roanoke College username and password needed)  Complete this form to assist in your placement in appropriate fall courses. Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher-level exam scores must be submitted to Roanoke in order to receive credit or competency.  Students taking dual enrollment classes must also submit their college transcripts. 

Required: The New Student Pre-registration Handbook is designed to introduce new freshmen to the Intellectual Inquiry (INQ) curriculum and assist you in selecting fall courses. You will receive hard copies at a later date.

Encouraged: Grant Parent Access
Give your parents access to financial and academic information (including grades).

Required (Resident Students Only): Housing Profile (Starting May 18)
All new freshmen who plan to live on campus will begin the first phase of housing selection. From WebAdvisor, you will complete your housing profile, submit the Terms and Conditions for Campus Living, and invite potential roommates. 

The housing selection website will open on May 18.  At that time you will be able to provide your personal lifestyle preferences, submit your housing agreement, and search for and request potential roommates. Search often!  The later it gets into June, the larger the pool of potential roommates from which to choose! Actual hall and room selection will begin on June 29 and will take place through July 2.  You will receive detailed information regarding the room and roommate selection process in May.   

For more information about residence hall living, visit "Where to Live." Or, contact the residence life staff at or 540-375-2308.

Required (Resident Students Only): Housing Assignment Agreement (available May 18)
Complete the final phase of your room/roommate selection. Prior to June 29, you will receive an email with a specific date and time (based upon the date your deposit was received) for you and your chosen roommate (if applicable) to select a room.

Contact the residence life staff at or 540-375-2308 for more information about residence hall living.


Required: Summer Reading Assignment
You will need to bring a copy of the readings and two copies of your essay to the first orientation group meeting on Saturday, August 29.

Required: Student Information Form
Emergency contact information is required for your safety.

Required: Final High School Transcript
Submit your final high school transcript and college transcript for Dual Enrollment coursework (if applicable) by July 1.

Required (non SIM participants): Foreign Language Placement Tool
Students not participating in SIM must complete a placement tool in the foreign language that you have previously studied (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish) by June 22.

Required (non SIM participants): Register for Classes
A letter will be sent to your home with date, time and contact information regarding class registration.  You will register over the phone.


Optional: Pre-Orientation Programs at Roanoke
Several pre-orientation programs are available for you to get involved early.  We offer the following programs:

BonD (Building On Diversity) - a pre-orientation program designed to assist with your transition to college.  The program is open to newly enrolled students who want to learn and explore diversity and multiculturalism. 
PLUNGE - a weeklong pre-orientation experience that opens the doors of community service to incoming first-year students. 
Journey - introduces resident students to the wealth of outdoor opportunities in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas.  International Student Pre-orientation - Required for all new international students.

Required: Academic Integrity Form

You need to acknowledge responsibility regarding the standards for Academic Integrity.  Visit for more information.

Required (Virginia Residents only): Submit the Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) form by July 31

Required: Payment for Semester Billing

Starting July 10, the statement for fall semester is available electronically on your MyRoanoke account under E-bill (top right). It is a pdf document that can be saved and attached to an email, if needed.  Accounts must be paid prior to check-in for the fall semester.


Required (available August 1): Alcohol Edu

You are required to complete a two-part comprehensive alcohol education and abuse prevention program during your first semester on campus.  Part I of this requirement involves an online component that must be completed by Monday, August 24.  You will receive an email in late July with more detailed instructions once the course opens. 

Required (all incoming students): R Days (Orientation & Move-In)
Orientation to Roanoke begins Saturday, August 29


Questions about Orientation?
Contact the Admissions Office at 540-375-2270 or 800-388-2276 or by email at