Roanoke College Service PLUNGE

PLUNGE is a weeklong pre-orientation experience that opens the doors of community service to incoming first-year Roanoke College students. PLUNGE participants serve the needs of the poor in urban Washington DC and in rural Southwest Virginia by helping out in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and with home repair. Roanoke College staff and student leaders will accompany students as they learn about a new community, meet new friends and start a new life at Roanoke College.

The PLUNGE week begins on Thursday with a trip orientation on campus. Friday morning the group will depart for Washington DC and will serve with a number of non-profit agencies in the city for three days. A few cultural excursions are planned while in the city. On Monday morning the "Plungers" will head south for St. Paul, VA where they will repair damaged homes and meet the local community; evening music and marshmallow roasting optional...

For more information on PLUNGE, including dates, registration and trip cost, please contact:
Jesse Griffin, Director of the Center for Community Service, (540) 375-2300,


Roanoke student pioneers church building project in Nicaragua

Roanoke student pioneers church building project in Nicaragua

Nick Varrell, a junior at Roanoke College, and two other Roanoke students will travel to Nicaragua in January to build a church in a rural community called La Enramada.

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