What to pack? Don't leave home for college without these items

A college residence hall often is the first space in which students truly live on their own for an extended period of time.

It can be daunting to know what items to pack for that important first year at college.

Kaci Frick '15, (pictured left) a catcher on Roanoke's softball team and a public relations student writer who hails from Maryland, shares her ideas for the top supplies - from drying racks to front-door message boards- that first year Maroons should have on move-in day.

1.      Social Security Card: You would be surprised how much you actually need it, especially if you plan on getting a job. It's always a good idea to have it handy.

2.      Portable Storage Bins: Whether you use them to store clothes or other clutter, having extra storage bins is helpful.

3.      Laundry Basket/Detergent: It's time to do the laundry on your own. Having a basket to store clothes dirty or clean is useful so things aren't laying everywhere. And always have detergent. You never know when you need a clean outfit for the next day.

4.      Refrigerator: Although common rooms come equipped with refrigerators, it's nice to have your own personal space to store food. That way, it's always accessible.

5.      First Aid Kit: Band Aids, Advil, Neosporin, at some point your freshman year you'll need at least something from a first aid kit. It's easier to have everything on hand than to go out searching for these supplies when you're in need.

6.      Drying Rack: Not everything goes in the dryer. Instead of hanging up clothes all around the room to dry, having a drying rack is an easy way to air out your clothes and avoid the madness of hanging everything from chairs, tables and doors.

7.      Cleaning Supplies: It's your own responsibility to clean your room now. Bring a broom, vacuum, Clorox wipes and other cleaning products to help with spills and dust.

8.      Laptop: It's the easiest way to get homework, research and papers done. You'll have the Internet, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications at your fingertips. Some professors will even let you type notes in class.

9.      Message Board (a dry erase board that attaches to the front of your door): It's a fun way to interact with people on your hall. If you're not in your room, people can leave you a note if they stopped by or you can scribble a message to let people know when you'll be back.

10.  Personal Mementos: College may be your first real time away from home, and it's not uncommon to feel homesick. Having pictures, letters and other personal reminders of home is a good way to remember that your family and friends will always be there for you.

Now, it's time to have fun and enjoy the next four years.

Here is a full list of items to consider for college and residence hall living

social security card (important if you want to get a job) laundry basket/detergent
copy of your birth certificate quarters (for vending)
passport/id for international students drying rack for clothes
checkbook/ATM card clothes hangers
backpack iron
dictionary/thesaurus sewing kit
blankets first aid kit
sheets (extra long, twin) and pillow case flashlight
mattress pad toiletries/plastic bucket for  toiletries
pillow personal appliances
bedspread or comforter desktop or laptop + printer
under bed storage containers medication
towels/washcloths cleaning supplies
alarm clock coffee maker
lamp (halogen lamps not permitted) cups/plates/utensils/coffee mug
light bulbs (60 watts) paper clips
UL approved extension cords liquid paper
surge protector glue
waste basket scissors
wall decorations pens/pencils/hi-lighters
personal mementos stapler(s)
message board for door paper
bulletin board ruler
stationary/stamps tape
screw driver ear plugs
command strips fan
poster putty refrigerator
plants microwave
calculator stereo or radio
computer/printer bicycle
  bike lock