3,000 Applications! A New Record.

More students are trying to get into Roanoke College. Applications have increased by almost 25 percent over the last decade. In fact, this spring is the fifth consecutive year-and the seventh time in the past eight years-that Roanoke has seen a record number of freshman applications. College administrators attribute the increase to a combination of factors that include outstanding academic programs, committed faculty and staff, and the growing reputation of Roanoke College.

"Roanoke College is hot right now," Dr. Sabine U. O'Hara, president of Roanoke College, said. "Word seems to be getting out that we offer our students an outstanding education and a college experience that focuses not only on their intellectual growth but also on their ethical and personal growth. That's important. People want to get not just a good value, but an outstanding value for their money and we strive to give them that-an outstanding education."

The Admissions Office reports 3,000 freshmen applications for the 525 openings in the freshman class for Fall 2005. This record compares to 2,908 applications at the same time last year. Just a decade ago, the number of freshman applications stood at 2,470.

Not only are there more students interested in Roanoke, they are better students, too. This year's incoming freshman class will boast an increase of 10 points on the SAT, bringing the average score to 1117.

"Crossing our finish line at a record pace like this for five consecutive years is remarkable," Michael C. Maxey, vice president for college relations, said. "Record applications put the College in the position of being more and more selective. We are better able to select students who will gain the most from a Roanoke College experience."