Riggleman builds RC school spirit

"I love this place," Riggleman says.

Aaron Riggleman '09 is a true supporter of Roanoke College, and he challenges his peers to show their Maroon spirit. A native of Newport News, Va., Riggleman says getting the campus excited about events unifies the school.

"I love this place," Riggleman says. "The little things get people excited, especially when our sports teams are winning. I just want people to get excited about the Maroons."

The health and human performance major has done his part in advocating Maroon spirit. He has been in the recent mascot videos, worn several mascot outfits at sporting events and worked with other organizations to get people to come out to events. As Student Government president, Riggleman made it his priority to excite the school.

"[SGA president] is a big role on campus," Riggleman says. "I try to help people when I can. I'm here for the experience, and if someone needs something, I don't mind doing it for them."

Riggleman also was involved in Intervarsity, Kappa Alpha Order and worked in the Colket Center. He says that staying involved on campus, especially with the Colket Center, gave him many opportunities, such as meeting Martin Luther King's son and other guests of the College.

"Roanoke turned me from a kid from the hood and has broadened my horizons," Riggleman says. "It has prepared me for what to expect after graduation."

Riggleman plans on teaching physical education and coaching baseball. He also has been the on-field emcee intern for the Salem Red Sox, an insurance salesman in Roanoke and is working on his master's in business administration through Salem International University in West Virginia.

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