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Roanoke Administrator Releases Book


SALEM, Va. —Director of International Education at Roanoke College Dr. Jon Crawford has released a new book on the governing system of Ireland under during the 16th and 17th centuries. 

Crawford’s book, A Star Chamber Court in Ireland:  the Court of Castle Chamber, 1571-1641, is a detailed follow-up to his 1993 book Anglicizing the Government of Ireland.  His latest release provides a comprehensive account of the workings of a tribunal in Ireland that was the equivalent to its English counterpart, the Star Chamber.  The varying fortunes of the tribunal under successive Irish chief governors are examined under in detail, as is the court’s political context. 

A Star Chamber Court in Ireland is the first book-length study of the court of castle chamber, located in Dublin Castle during the reigns of Elizabeth I and the early Stuarts,” Crawford says.  “This prerogative court heard cases of riot and maladministration, expanding its remit to include the trial of recusant Catholics for unorthodoxy after l603.  The book includes the original records of the court to l621 and selected petitions for redress from women and poorer litigants down to l639.”

The book also includes information of the court’s activities after 1620 from manuscript sources at Trinity College in Dublin that have not previously been published.  Crawford’s book is viewed by many as a major contribution to the level of knowledge of governance in Ireland under Elizabeth I and her two successors.

Crawford spent a full year in Ireland on sabbatical leave from l997-1998, working as a research associate at University College, Dublin and the Institute of Historical Research, London.

Crawford has been the director of international education since 1999.  He has published articles on Ireland and international education in the American Journal of Legal History, Journal of Studies in International Education, and the Asheville Citizen Times.  Crawford has also reviewed several books on the history of Ireland.

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