Roanoke College economics professor appointed to state advisory board

Dr. Alice Kassens, a professor of Economics at Roanoke College, has been appointed to the Virginia Joint Advisory Board of Economists.

In June, Kassens was named to this 11-member board along with representatives from some other Virginia colleges, including George Mason University, Old Dominion University and William & Mary.

The Joint Advisory Board of Economists advises the governor and the secretary of finance on Virginia's economic outlook while helping to develop a stable state budget.

"I am honored and excited" about the board appointment, wrote Kassens on her personal blog, the Running Economist.

Since 2008, Kassens also has served as a board member of the Virginia Association of Economists.

She has been a professor at Roanoke since 2005. 

-Published Aug. 1, 2014

Released: August 1, 2014